3 Washing Machine Essentials You Should Buy

The washing is one of those household appliances that we use several times a week, but how often do we do any routine maintenance to ensure it is still in top condition? There are a fantastic range of washing machine products to help you care for your machine as well as protecting your laundry during the cycle. In this post we look at three washing machine accessories that every home should have…

Limescale & Detergent Remover

Washing machine repairs are expensive and it can be difficult to know what has gone wrong. Limescale is a contributing factor or cause of some of the most common washing machine faults. It is mainly an issue in hard water areas, but the good news is that it is easily prevented and improved by using a descaler regularly.

BuySpares Limescale & Detergent Remover is simply added to a your maintenance wash every month and it will help keep the internal surfaces of your washer clean and healthy as well as helping to improve energy efficiency.

Odour Remover

A smelly washing machine is both unpleasant and unhygienic. Like all home appliances the washing machine can develop a nasty aroma due to bacteria. Detergent build-up and excess residue are a haven for bacteria, which is why it is so important to run a regular maintenance cycle to keep your washing machine in tip top condition.

To eliminate odours you should combine your maintenance wash with a proven washing machine deodoriser such as the Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner from Maytag.  The powerful, oxygenated action of Affresh Washing machine Cleaner dissolves and removes odour-causing residue and sends it flowing down the drain.

Washing Nets

Stopping delicate items in your laundry from getting damaged can be a challenge unless you wash them separately or by hand. Washing nets are a simple but effective solution. Washing nets are typically used for cleaning items such as underwired bras, sweaters and items with buttons or decorative features.

Placing these items inside the mesh washing net, before adding the net to the wash, helps protect the items from being damaged during the wash cycle. It will also keep buttons and decorations from pulling off the clothes or delicate items snagging on the drum.

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  1. PCRichards

    September 14, 2013 | 06:59 - Reply

    It is a good idea to measure out the space where one want to install our washing machine.This will also help us to decide upon the size of model that we can afford to have in our house.

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