Need to Freshen Up your Washing Machine?

Keep your Washing Machine FreshAs the importance of going green becomes greater, many of us are choosing to wash our clothes at a lower temperature, especially with detergents now available that claim outstanding results from as low as 15ºC.

The drawback of constant washing at a low temperature is the build-up of grease and dirt that can clog your washing machine’s pipes, rot the rubber door gasket and leave deposits on your laundry.  It can also block the pressure system in the machine and prevent it from spinning correctly. The build-up of grease can be worsened by the use of liquid detergents and this is often the main cause of bad smells in your washing machine.

Five Top Tips to Keep Your Washing Machine Smelling Fresh & Running Smoothly:

  1. Run a monthly maintenance cycle at 90ºC
  2. Regularly use a limescale / detergent remover, such as BuySpares Limescale and Detergent Remover
  3. Ensure you always use the correct amount of detergent in every wash
  4. Do not overload your washing machine
  5. Leave the door open between washes to let the inside of the machine dry out.

Further help and advice can also be found in our the advice centre.

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