How To Stop Your Vacuum Cleaner From Smelling

How to Stop a Vacuum Cleaner From SmellingDue to their regular use and as a result of the pressures they are put under, from time to time our vacuum cleaners emit unpleasant odours. The main reasons for your vacuum cleaner often emitting unpleasant odours is a build up of dirt, dust and debris in the bag or cylinder.

The first stage of eliminating odours from your vacuum is to regularly empty the bag, if using a bagged vacuum. If you’ve got a bagless model, it’s important to make sure that you regularly empty the cylinder and clean the filter in warm water, allowing it to dry before placing it back in the cleaner.

Once the vacuum has been emptied, sprinkle a vacuum cleaner air freshener into the bag or within the cylinder, as this will bring a pleasant aroma to your home as you vacuum.

Should unpleasant odours continue to come from your vacuum despite following the above tips, you may need to give the various components of your vacuum a once over. The main areas to check are:

  • The Hose – debris can become clogged within the hose of your vacuum. This can not only limit the suction provided by the hose; but it can also result in odours building up and being pushed around the home as the vacuum is used.
  • Agitator Brush – being one of the main parts of the vacuum which comes into contact with dirt and debris, on occasion loose hair can get caught around it, which can in turn cause other debris to get stuck. If this is left to build up, odours are likely to occur.
  • Attachments – whether it’s a crevice attachment, dusting brush or stair tool, dirt can become lodged in various attachments which come with your vacuum. If left to build up, the dirt can contribute to the build up of unpleasant odours.

Whilst these odours can be prevented through regular cleaning and the use of air fresheners, on occasion our vacuums can emit other unpleasant odours, which are more mechanical or burning. Such odours aren’t necessarily caused by the build up of dirt or dust; but instead are as a result of faults occurring with the appliance.

The cause of such smells can vary on the fault; for example if there’s a burning smell with an upright vacuum the cause could be due to the drive belt slipping out of position or becoming jammed and causing friction.

Other causes of burning smells in a vacuum cleaner could be the result of a full vacuum cleaner bag or clogged up intake valves putting extra and unnecessary pressure on the motor, which can have adverse effects.

Should you find the smells being emitted from your vacuum are a result of a mechanical fault, in our advice centre you’ll find expert advice from our team of engineers on how to diagnose and repair faults.

In addition to our advice centre, at BuySpares we also have a range of vacuum cleaner spare parts and accessories to help you keep your vacuum running at its top performance for longer.

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