It’s a Vacuum Cleaner – Made of Cardboard

Vacuum Cleaner made from Recycled Cardboard

This is our favourite ‘Appliance-Related Story’ of the week:

A student from Loughborough University has created a new uber-eco-friendly type of vacuum cleaner – made out of recycled cardboard.

We already know that Dyson have been making their prototypes from cardboard for years, but this fully-functioning vacuum is intending to go all the way to production by Vax.

It not only cuts down massively on production prices as the cardboard panels cost 1/10th of the equivalent plastic ones, but also makes it easier to manufacture, which will save on distribution costs.

It’s also waterproof and fire-proof. But undoubtedly the most ‘fun’ part is that you can personalise your own vacuum by drawing pictures on the cardboard!

Read the full story of the cardboard vacuum here


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