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Gtech SparesIf your Gtech sweeper or garden appliance has developed a fault or is in need of repair, we can help. We have recently added a number of handy Gtech advice guides to our appliance advice centre including tips on buying Gtech batteries and fitting a replacement brush roll.
If you’re not sure what the fault is then our guide to common Gtech sweeper problems should give you a few pointers, where as our step by step guides will walk you through some of the most common and simplest Gtech repairs. These cover everything from fitting a replacement lower sweeper handle to replacing a flat battery.

Remember, you can buy any Gtech spare parts required to complete your repair at BuySpares.

As well as advice on repairing Gtech appliances, you will also find guides for repairing all your household appliances including cookers, dishwashers and washing machines in our Advice Centre. Many of our articles incorporate helpful how to videos to perfectly demonstrate what needs to be done.

All our videos and advice articles have the common aim of enabling you to save money and benefit the environment by repairing your own appliances. If you have used any of our Gtech guides or advice centre videos to assist your repair, don’t forget to let us know how you got on in the comments.

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  1. a.warrallo

    February 20, 2016 | 18:06 - Reply

    I have recently purchased a G tech combo vacuum cleaner. My order no. 183879 purchased on the 27th Jan. I am very pleased with it but when using the upright cleaner near bed linen, I accidentally sucked up one of the edges of the sheet. I immediately pull it back out of the mouth of the cleaner but since then, the machine sound as if it has possible slipped out of gear and makes a disquieting noise. It still picks up dirt okay but the noise has change from a smooth flowing sound to a grinding sound. Can you please advise me whether I have caused internal damage and if so, is there anything I can do to put this right?
    Thank you.
    Arthur Warrallo
    78, Darnick Rd.
    Sutton Coldfield

    • Eleanor

      March 11, 2016 | 15:53 - Reply

      Hi Arthur

      Sorry to hear you’ve been having vacuum cleaner trouble. As your vacuum is relatively new it should still be under warranty. We recommend contacting the retailer who sold you your vacuum as they may be able to help you fix it.

      Hope this helps!


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