AEG Help Untangle Your Vacuum Cleaner’s Brushroll

When it comes to vacuum cleaner maintenance one of the worst chores has to be painstakingly taking the time to remove bits of hair and thread that have become tangled around the vacuum cleaner agitator brushroll. For those less familiar with the workings of a vacuum cleaner, the brush roll is used to beat dirt and dust out of the carpets, ready to be sucked up. It needs to be able to rotate freely to be effective.

AEG Vacuum CleanerThe all new AEG Ergorapido vacuum aims to make this horrible task a thing of the past with ‘brushrollclean’ technology. The innovative new feature uses a separation bar to clear the brush roll without manual intervention. This prevents the problems that can be caused by persistent clogging.

If you have a traditional vacuum cleaner then, unfortunately, you will need to continue to clear the brushroll of debris. If your brushroll is in a particularly bad state or the brushes have worn away, then it may need to be replaced. We sell replacement brushrolls for all the leading vacuum cleaner brands including Electrolux, Hoover and Panasonic.

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