5 Accessories to Make Vacuuming Much Easier

Vacuum Cleaner On Wooden Floor

Crumbs, fluff and dust don’t stand a chance against your vacuum cleaner. A quick weekly whip round with the vacuum does wonders for your floors, but are you using your appliance to its full potential? These handy accessories will make sure you are!

Vacuum Cleaner Stair Attachment

Stair Cleaning Attachment

The most onerous task for most people when it comes to vacuuming is the stairs. So we love any accessory to make this chore easier. Cleaning the crevices of a step, whilst simultaneously trying to balance your vacuum cleaner without it (or you) falling down the stairs is a challenge! A stair cleaning attachment lets you leave your vacuum safely on the floor and still reach to suck all of the dirt and debris off your stairs.


Vacuum Cleaner Air FreshenersDust Bag Air Freshener

Possibly the easiest of all vacuum accessories to use are dust bag air fresheners. If you’re vacuuming anyway it’s an added bonus to be able to deodorise your home at the same time. And you can! Just pour the contents of a sachet into your vacuum bag (you do need to own a bagged vacuum cleaner to use this accessory) or if it’s easier sprinkle the contents on the floor and vacuum up. Then every time you vacuum your appliance will be multitasking and releasing fresh scents throughout your home while it cleans.


Vacuum Cleaner Crevice And Dusting Tool Crevice/Dusting Tool

No matter how you rearrange your furniture there’s always a pesky gap that’s just too small to fit your vacuum head in, but if you’ve got a crevice tool these hard to reach areas can still be cleaned. Most vacuums come with a crevice tool, but if your model didn’t or the tool’s been misplaced we recommend getting a replacement that also has a dusting brush to make your vacuum more versatile.


Dyson Zorb Carpet Cleaning PowderCarpet Cleaning Powder

If you’ve got new carpets you can keep them looking new with a clever carpet cleaning powder from Dyson: Dyson Zorb. It’s easy to use when you’re vacuuming. Just sprinkle the powder on your carpet and work it into the fibres, then get on with the rest of your weekly clean. After half an hour you can vacuum up the powder and your carpet will be clean with a lovely citrus smell to boot.


Vacuum Cleaner Extension ToolTelescopic Extension Tube

Extending the reach of your vacuum is ideal for dusting cobwebs off your ceiling or cleaning the top of your wardrobes or kitchen cabinets, whilst keeping your feet firmly on the ground. All you need is an extension tube attachment. No more balancing precariously on chairs with a feather duster in hand!



All the above accessories and more can be found here on our site. Even better, we’ve currently got amazing deals on them all, so if your vacuum cleaner is lacking, now’s the perfect time to bag yourself a bargain.

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