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How to Keep Your Vacuum Cleaner Running

Keep Your Vacuum Cleaner Running

In the daily fight of keeping your home tidy, the vacuum cleaner is an invaluable appliance to have in your cleaning arsenal. Previously, we have looked at “How to Pick the Right Vacuum Cleaner”, the “4 Must Have Vacuum Cleaner Tools” and “How to Change a Vacuum Drive Belt”, enabling you to make the most out of the appliance.

In addition to following the advice outlined within these posts, there are other steps we recommend you take if you want to ensure you keep your vacuum cleaner working to its full potential. These include:Read more

How To Stop Your Vacuum Cleaner From Smelling

How to Stop a Vacuum Cleaner From SmellingDue to their regular use and as a result of the pressures they are put under, from time to time our vacuum cleaners emit unpleasant odours. The main reasons for your vacuum cleaner often emitting unpleasant odours is a build up of dirt, dust and debris in the bag or cylinder.

The first stage of eliminating odours from your vacuum is to regularly empty the bag, if using a bagged vacuum. If you’ve got a bagless model, it’s important to make sure that you regularly empty the cylinder and clean the filter in warm water, allowing it to dry before placing it back in the cleaner.Read more

Find Your Morphy Richards Spare Parts & Accessories With BuySpares

Morphy Richards are a leading manufacturer of small appliances and larger home appliances, including vacuum cleaners, kettles, toasters, breadmakers and coffee machines. As with any appliances, it is possible for parts to fail over a period of time or for items to become lost. In this post we look at the range of Morphy Richards spare parts available for popular small appliances.

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Find Out About Morphy Richards

Morphy Richards SparesMorphy Richards produce so many types of home and kitchen appliances that you probably own at lease one. Their range includes everything from vacuum cleaners to slow cookers, and of course, we sell genuine Morphy Richards spare parts for all of them. In this post we take a look at the Morphy Richards brand in more detail to see what has made them such an innovative and well-loved brand.Read more