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16 Frugal New Year Resolutions for the Home

16 Frugal New Year Resolutions for the Home

The time has came where many of us are looking to make New Year Resolutions, and it’s estimated that throughout our lifetimes we spend £21,000 on attempting to achieve such resolutions for them to be broken come February. [source: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/brits-spend-21000-in-their-lifetime-on-new-years-resolutions-9951139.html]

Resolutions, however, shouldn’t just be about getting fit, cutting back on certain vices or resolving to see family / friends more. They should also be about looking to be happier in everything you do, and to help we’ve shared 16 (frugal) New Year resolutions for the home.Read more

10 New Year Resolutions To Help Your Appliances

New Year New You Sign

At the start of each year many of us will compile a list of resolutions, from kicking a dirty habit to exercising more. Despite sounding good when making such resolutions, it’s highly likely for some of us that within a couple of weeks of the New Year they’ll all have been broken.

With the new year just around the corner, why not consider making some which will a) save you money, b) keep your appliances running to their full capability for longer, and c) are easier to keep than attending the gym three times a week.

Some New Year resolutions which we here at BuySpares think you should all be considering, include:Read more