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How To Keep Your Appliances Running…The Dishwasher

How To Keep Your Dishwasher Working

For years, questions have been raised as to whether dishwashers are an environmentally friendly alternative to washing up. According to research homes with a dishwasher use 50% less water and 28% less energy than those homes without one.

In the penultimate post of our three part series, we look at how regular maintenance of your dishwasher can help prolong its life, and reduce the risk of faults occurring. And such maintenance includes checking the following components for signs of damage:Read more

6 Simple Tips for a Better Cleaning Dishwasher

Better Cleaning Dishwasher
The dishwasher is for many households a great appliance, which dramatically cuts down the amount of time spent clearing up after enjoying a meal.

Unfortunately, from time to time the dishwasher may let you down, resulting in dishes coming out dirty or streaky. But this doesn’t automatically mean your appliance is broken and needs replacing. Instead there are steps which if taken, could significantly improve the performance of your dishwasher.

Below we’ve compiled six tips for a better cleaning dishwasher.Read more

How To Prolong Your Dishwasher with Limescale and Detergent Remover

Prolong Your DishwasherFor many homeowners a dishwasher is a luxury, removing the need to tackle those difficult pots and pans after enjoying a home-cooked meal. Yet the luxury is also often taken for granted, until the appliance begins to underperform.

Two of the main issues facing dishwashers is the build up of limescale (hard water areas) and detergent (all areas), which can leave your machine with stale odours as well as reduced performance. Such issues can also contribute to your glasses being left with streaks and smears after a washing cycle, whilst plates, dishes and bowls are also likely to have remains of yesterday’s dinner showing if your machine is not working at full capacity.Read more

3 Washing Machine Essentials You Should Buy

The washing is one of those household appliances that we use several times a week, but how often do we do any routine maintenance to ensure it is still in top condition? There are a fantastic range of washing machine products to help you care for your machine as well as protecting your laundry during the cycle. In this post we look at three washing machine accessories that every home should have…Read more

Want A Better Way To Tackle Limescale?

Limescale can be very damaging to your appliances and it can eventually causes internal components such as the element to fail. Another common issue is detergent build-up and bacteria inside your machines which can cause your appliances to develop unpleasant odours that can be hard to eradicate.

In this post we look at a brand new product from BuySpares that combats both limescale and detergent build-up problems simply by adding one sachet to your monthly maintenance wash.Read more