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Why is the Food in your Fridge Going Bad?

Cheese Fruit Olives And Juice In Fridge

If your milk has gone sour or the vegetables in your crisper have gone mouldy it doesn’t necessarily mean they’ve been left in the fridge too long. Repositioning your fridge’s contents could be all it takes to stop your food from going bad prematurely, but it’s also possible that there’s a fault with your appliance that needs fixing.

With summer approaching there’s no time like the present to ensure you’re getting the best out of your fridge so stop your food from spoiling with our top tips.Read more

How to store food in your fridge the right way

Fridge door with magnets

Not the most difficult of tasks but an important one nonetheless. When putting our shopping away in the fridge we tend to just place it on a shelf wherever there is free space. However, to keep foods fresh and to stop the risk of contamination, there is a method to which particular foods should be placed onto which shelves. Learn more about the organisation of fridge food!

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4 Beko Fridge Faults You Can Fix at Home

4 Beko Fridge Faults You Can You Fix

When it comes to fridges, Beko is the UK’s number one brand – and for good reason.  Since 1990, Beko have been selling a range of household appliances throughout the UK and Ireland, producing appliances which are designed to make life easier whilst also ensuring everyday appliances are energy efficient.

Despite their enviable reputation, as with all appliances, a Beko fridge can develop faults – and below we look at 4 of the most common ones you’re likely to experience and explain how you can repair them.Read more

Do You Know What Should & Shouldn’t Be Kept In Your Fridge?

What Should & Shouldn't You Keep in the FridgePreviously at BuySpares we have discussed within our blog how to keep your fridge clean and running, how to maintain the fridge and how to keep it at a steady temperature. Whilst all of these are important to get the most from the appliance, it is also important to make sure that you’re storing the right things within it.

To help make sure you’re storing the right food within your fridge, below we’ve outlined some of the food you should and shouldn’t refrigerate – despite common misconceptions.Read more

How Clean Are Your Kitchen Appliances?

Fridge CleaningAppliance hygiene is a big issue and it has been in the news recently concerning the dangers of bacteria forming in washing machines due to people washing at lower temperatures. But your washing machine isn’t the only appliance that needs to be cleaned and maintained regularly. This is the first of a series of posts we will be publishing to provide some simple tips for ensuring your appliances are hygienically clean.Read more