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How To Clean Your Floor

How To Clean Your Floors With Ease

How clean is your floor, really how clean is it? It may look clean, especially once you’ve ran the vacuum over it or mopped it, but in reality your floor is a lot dirtier than you may think. In fact, research conducted by the Rug Doctor has revealed despite a carpet’s high exposure to germs few of us provide the area with a deep clean, whilst over 30% of us only vacuum once a week.

With this sobering thought in mind, we look at how to clean your floors to ensure they are as clean as they can be.Read more

How To Remove Stains From Your Floors

Remove Stains From Your FloorsOur flooring can become stained for various reasons from general wear and tear to spillages. In an ideal situation, the stains will be cleaned the moment they occur. But when this isn’t possible it doesn’t mean the floor needs to remain stained forever.

Instead, with the right care and attention, you can bring your floor back to its former glory. To give you a helping hand, we’ve compiled the following tips for three of the most common flooring surfaces.Read more

Deep Clean Your House, Now the Kids are Back at School: Part 2: Flooring

Deep Clean Your HomeWhen we were younger it seemed that summer holidays from school were the hottest days of the year with little or no rain. Today, on the other hand it seems like we’re lucky to have a solid week of nice weather during the school holidays, and the changing between hot and dry to wet and windy days during the holidays often takes its toll on the state of the house.Read more