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3 Essential Things to Do When Storing Your Chainsaw

How to Store Your Chainsaw

So you’ve cut down the tree in your garden and trimmed the top of your conifers off. Now what’s left for your chainsaw? Unlike other garden appliances, the chainsaw isn’t one which will be used on a regular basis – meaning it is likely to be stored away for longer periods of time.

As such, it’s important to make sure when storing your chainsaw you do so correctly, as this will ensure it is ready for action the next time you need it – and to make sure you store yours correctly, we recommend you follow the guidance below.
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Save Money and Sharpen Your Chainsaw Chain

Sharpen Your Chainsaw Chain

Spring is in the air and many of us are looking to get out into the garden to give it a much needed tidy. Part of this is likely to involve cutting the tops of your conifers off to help get as much sun as possible into the garden.

To carry out such a task, you’ll need a fully working chainsaw, with a sharp chain. If your chainsaw was used excessively last year, the latter could be an issue. Thankfully, bringing your chain back up to sharpness doesn’t have to be difficult, time consuming or costly.Read more

How To Find The Right Chainsaw This Summer

Right ChainsawSummer provides you with a great opportunity to tidy up the trees in the garden, especially if the weather turns out to be good. Chainsaws aren’t a necessity in every garden, but they are useful for certain jobs such as branch/tree cutting. If you have many reasons to use a chainsaw, then this post will be a good read should you decide to purchase one. If you just need it for a one off job over the bank holiday then it might be worth considering renting one. Whatever you want it for, here are a few pointers to help you find the right one.Read more