How To Clean To Perfection With a Karcher Pressure Washer

Pressure Washer TipsThe outside of your home often says a lot about you, and offers visitors a first impression, from how clean the car on the drive is, through to the build up of dirt, grime and moss on paths leading up to the front door. Keeping on top of the cleaning of your home may seem like a difficult task, especially if you don’t have a Karcher pressure washer.

A Pressure washer is an important tool in your outside cleaning arsenal, as they make light work of cleaning various surfaces including cars, patios and decking. But sometimes even great things need an extra boost and your pressure washer is no exception.

In a bid to help you make the most out of your pressure washer, we’ve compiled a list of five pressure washer essentials which you should have.

Lances / Guns:

No pressure washer is complete without a lance or gun, which will direct the powerful stream of water to its intended target. Unfortunately, over time wear and tear can take its toll on lances and guns, causing cracks to occur, which in turn can result in water leaking and the lance / gun not living up to its intended job.

If this has happened to your lance / gun, or you’re looking to increase the cleaning possibilities available from your pressure washer, we have the perfect lances and guns for your needs, wants and desires, including the:

  • Karcher Dirtblaster Lance – gives a powerful high pressure jet by utilising a rotary nozzle, the lance produces 50% more cleaning power than other high pressure jets.
  • Karcher Underbody Lance – with its 90 degree bend, this lance is perfect for reaching those difficult areas such as the underbody of your vehicle or guttering on your home.
  • Karcher Replacement Hand Gun

Alongside getting the perfect lances and guns for your pressure washer, at BuySpares we’d also recommend having a selection of…


Your pressure washer can be used to clean a multitude of services, if you have the right tools and accessories to hand; and some such tools / accessories which you should have to work alongside your pressure washer are a selection of brushes.

Some of the brushes which we recommend to make outside cleaning a breeze include the:

  • Karcher Wheel Rim Brush – with a 360 degree cleaning function, the wheel rim brush from Karcher ensures even water distribution, making it perfect for cleaning alloy wheels and bike spokes.In addition, it comes with all round bristles to provide an even clean, whilst the shape of the brush makes it easy to reach those once difficult areas for the perfect all round clean.
  • Karcher T-Shape Wash Sponge – some surfaces understandably need a softer touch when it comes to cleaning, which is what the Karcher T-Shape Wash Sponge offers whilst still guaranteeing to use the power of your pressure washer to remove dirt and grime.The T-Shape sponge also integrates a rubber pad to remove those tougher stains, leaving any surface it’s used on sparkling clean.

Patio Cleaners:

Like the carpets within your home, your patio handles a lot of footfall which can lead to a build up of dirt, particularly after the summer barbeques. Leaving such dirt to build up, is similar to not vacuuming your carpets, and whilst a bucket of warm soapy water and a brush may remove some of the dirt, for a thorough clean consider getting a pressure washer patio cleaner.

With such attachments helping to make the cleaning of outside areas with your pressure washer easier, you’ll begin to see the extended benefits, but to benefit even more from your pressure washer, consider purchasing an….

Extended Hose:

When it comes to cleaning, there will always be those areas which are just out of reach, cleaning the garden brings the same problems, the solution, an extension hose such as the Karcher 10m High Pressure Extension Hose.

Complete with an anti-king sleeve and brass connector for long-life, the hose extends the working radius of your high-pressure washer by connecting between the machine and the hose, providing you with a greater reach enabling you to tackle dirt in even the furthest corners of your garden.

Drain Cleaning Hose:

During the warm weather you may have noticed that the drains in and around your home have produced a stale odour, and although for a short time period this can be tackled with the dousing of a cleaning product down the drain, for a long-term solution consider using a drain cleaning hose with your pressure washer.

The  Karcher Drain Cleaning Hose for example includes four backwards firing jets which propels this hose into the pipe to clean blockages, whilst simultaneously removing all debris.

The latter drain cleaning hose also comes complete with an anti-kink and brass conductor for long life, meaning your drains can remain clean and free-flowing for longer.

By utilising one, or all, of the pressure washer essentials listed above you will see the true benefits that a pressure washer can bring to keeping the outside of your home as neat, tidy and clean as the inside; offering visitors the perfect first impressions – not to mention providing clean paths, patios, decking and vehicles which you can be proud of.

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