How can an Electricity Monitor Save Me Money?

efergy electricity monitor Imagine if there was an easy, effortless way to save energy in your home and save money at the same time. We could all do with a few extra pounds in our pockets, and reducing energy consumption is something we strive for but is often easier said than done. With an Efergy Wireless Electricity Monitor you can do both in one go!

An electricity monitor will instantly show how your energy consumption is affected by simple tasks like switching off lights or turning off appliances rather than using standby. In short, they can help you to recognise how and where you can reduce the amount of electricity used in your home.

The Efergy monitor operates using a sensor which attaches to the live feed cable connecting your electricity meter to the consumer unit. Any power used in your home passes through this cable and the sensor wirelessly transmits its readings to the monitor.

Being wireless, the monitor is completely portable and has a working range of around 40 metres. This allows you to measure the effects of different appliances in any room of your house, so you can finally find out whether turning the TV off at the plug really makes any difference, or whether it’s better to leave a light on for five minutes or to switch it off and back on again five minutes later!

Efergy electricity monitors also store historical readings and data, so you can keep track of your energy consumption and gauge how much more energy-efficient you become over a course of days, weeks and even months!

So not only does an energy monitor reduce your carbon footprint and give you that feeling of saving the world one kilowatt at a time, but can help you to shave up to 20% off your electricity bill into the bargain.

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