Your Guide to Buying Grass Trimmers…

TrimmerYou should use a grass trimmer to keep the edges of your lawn looking neat and tidy. Trimmers can also be used to cut, trim and shape awkward areas like along fences and around bushes and trees as well as to tame overgrown areas and long grass. In this post we look at a few things to consider when buying a grass trimmer as well as the grass trimmer parts and accessories you need to keep your trimmer in great shape.

Choosing The Right Trimmer…


A key consideration should be the cutting width as this can vary between trimmer brands and models. The cutting width you need will depend on the size of your garden and the type of planting and foliage. If you will be using the trimmer to tame a severely overgrown area with brambles and weeds, then a large cutting head will get the job done in the quickest time. However, if you are looking for precision then it is more likely that a lightweight trimmer with a smaller cutting width will provide the maneuverability and accuracy required for nicely-trimmed borders.

You should also consider the ergonomic design of the trimmer. If you will be using the trimmer for a sustained period of time then it is worth paying a little more for one with an adjustable handle that can be positioned for comfortable operation.

Replacement Trimmer Parts…

The core component of any grass trimmer is the line. Some models have a single line, while others use a twin line system. Whichever type of grass trimmer you have the line will need to be replaced regularly to maintain performance. It is usually recommended that you change the line at the start of each gardening year, as over time line can weaken and this will result in more frequent line breakages.

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  1. William

    March 14, 2012 | 16:19 - Reply

    I gave my grass the first cut of the season last weekend. It was great to get back into the garden.

    • mark

      March 14, 2012 | 16:24 - Reply

      Gardening season is definitely back! I hope you read our earlier post on preparing for the first cut before you got started. It is full of useful tips and tricks.

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