Find Out Which Lawnmower is Right For You?

Lawnmower GuideIt can be very difficult to decide which lawnmower to buy. The choice will depend largely on the size of your garden as well as the finish you wish to create. It is worth taking some time to consider these before you press ahead with your next purchase. It is also worth remembering that a lawnmower is an important part of your lawn care arsenal but not the only factor in achieving the perfect lawn, guaranteed to impress the neighbours.

The key to a healthy lawn is to mow your garden on a regular basis but also to keep on top of the trimming and edging as well as ensuring you give the lawn the care it deserves in terms of watering, feeding and aerating.

Lawnmowers Have Come a Long Way

Whatever the reason you need a new lawnmower, whether your old one is no longer up to the job or you’ve moved to a new abode with a far larger garden, the is no shortage of choice. Advancements in technology mean you can now get lawnmowers that are specifically designed to mulch as you cut, tackle long grass or run for longer without the need to empty regularly.

You can choose to buy either a petrol or an electric lawnmower. The more eco-conscious amongst us may be drawn to the electric mower but petrol mowers do have their own benefits and appeal, especially for those with large or particularly long gardens where a wired appliance may be impractical.

Rotary, Cylinder or Hover – That is The Question?

There are 3 main types of mower on the market, each with a distinctive cutting style. Cylinder mowers are fitted with rotating blades in a cylinder which cut the blades of grass in a scissor-like motion against a static blade. You can buy cylinder mowers from leading manufacturers like UK-based Qualcast and are most commonly used on flat lawns for a high-end, luxury finish.

In contrast, rotary mowers are suitable for the majority of terrain types, including the more challenging such as long grass or sloping embankments. A rotary mower uses a scythe-like motion to cut the grass with a fast moving blade.

Hover mowers are a popular choice for homeowners with small or average sized-gardens due to their compact design and easy manoeuvrability. Hover mowers are often associated with the Flymo brand, which are famous for utilising this innovative cutting technology. Hover mowers do not require wheels, instead they hover above the grass on a pocket of air for efficient and comfortable operation.

Size, Power and Finish – The Key to Making the Right Choice

It seems obvious but the size of your lawn is probably the single biggest factor. You will want to ensure that you select a lawnmower with a big enough cutting width to tackle the lawn with precision, but also in the quickest and easiest way possible. For the vast majority of people an electric lawnmower will provide the most practical solution. Most electric lawnmowers, especially hover mowers, are lightweight and ease to manoeuvre, which makes them ideal for most small and medium sized lawns where you may need to mow around trees, raised beds or other garden features.

The greater the width of the lawnmower the shorter time it will take to complete the mow. As a general rule; the larger the garden, then the greater the cutting width required. You can buy mowers with cutting widths from 32” up to around 42”.

The type of mower you buy will also depend on the finish you want to achieve. Cylinder mowers are usually best if you are looking to achieve the traditional striped appearance that many of us associate with a luxury lawn. Hover mowers can be used to obtain a level, even appearance.

Keep It Maintained and Prevent Poor Performance

Whichever type of lawnmower you opt for then, the key is to keep it properly maintained during use and the winter months. You should always take the time to clean the mower, check the sharpness of blades and empty out any old petrol.

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