Top 10 Gardening Tips to do this Spring

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The clocks have gone forward, the mornings are getting lighter and British Summer Time is on its way. It’s time to get back into the garden and get it back to full bloom after a long winter of neglect. We have our top 10 spring gardening jobs to help you clear up your garden and getting it looking good ready for the summer BBQ’s and garden parties.

(1) Clear the debris

During Winter, debris will begin to build up in your garden. Start by clearing it and cutting back any dead growth from around your garden. This will allow the sun to reach your flowerbeds and let your newly planted bulbs start to grow.

(2) Weed your garden

Over winter, weeds will have cropped up all over your garden. To make this process easier, dampen the soil first as it’s easier to pull out the roots of the weed when the soil is moist. After weeding, add a thick layer of mulch on top of the areas you have worked on, to prevent new weeds appearing. This also helps to retain moisture in the soil.

(3) Repair and mend fences

Mend any broken structures or fence panels that have been damaged over the winter period. It’s easier to repair them now as there is less growth around them and you will disturb fewer plants.  Give a new lease of life to your fence panels by giving them a fresh lick of paint to brighten up your garden, creating a vibrant and fresh backdrop for your plants, climbers and trees.


Hand Painting Fence


(4) Tie and prune your climbers and trees

Start by removing dead or damaged branches, and tie up any new shoots that need stability and protection from the wind. Cut back and prune any longer shoots to encourage regrowth and help shape your climbers. You can also trim any broken or longer branches on your trees. In the spring only trim trees that bud late in the summer as you don’t want to cut off any new buds.

(5) Clean your patio and greenhouse

Over winter your patio and greenhouses will have battled with the elements and will need a spring clean. Use a pressure washer or an old fashioned brush and bucket of water and scrub away all the winter dirt. When cleaning your greenhouse, use a solution of water and garden disinfectant to make sure any nesting pests or diseases are eliminated.

(6) Mow the lawn

Rake the lawn, clearing any debris left from the colder months, which will help to encourage growth. For the first cut of the year, just mow off the top of the blades, which will to help stimulate growth and make your garden look instantly tidier. If you have any sparse areas in your lawn, sprinkle grass seeds over them in order to get your lawn back to full health.


Lawnmower On Cut Lawn


(7) Clean and sharpen your gardening tools

Cleaning and caring for your gardening tools gives them a longer life, saves you money and also helps eliminate the spread of disease in your garden. Sharpening your tools ready for the gardening season will make it easier for you when you are gardening and improve their performance.

(8) Order and plan your new plants and bulbs

Look for bright and colourful plants to add to your garden this year. Decide where you have space in your garden and chose plants and bulbs that fit the growing environment of your garden. Look at the timeframe it takes for certain bulbs to bud and vary the plant heights in order to ensure they all bloom and grow in harmony.


Planting Flowers In A Pot


(9) Create compost area

If you don’t already have one set up, now is the ideal time to create a compost heap in your garden. You could either use a compost bin that you can buy or make your own compost bin using spare parts of wood. This will not only reduce your household waste but create a rich fertiliser for your garden.

(10) Replant pots and clean them up

Any planters you have in your garden can be refreshed very easily. Simply clean the outsides and start planting your bulbs to brighten up your garden. Add fertiliser to the soil to ensure they get the right amount of nutrients to blossom.

So now you have 10 jobs to get you back into the garden and into the swing of gardening. Once you have tidied up your garden you can then have some fun and create vibrant and interesting areas that you can watch blossom in the coming months. Let us know on our Facebook page what you are currently getting up to in your gardens and how your preparations for summer are coming along.

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