What Are The Tools Every Gardener Should Own

Gardening Tools In Garden

The new gardening season is upon us and you will want to make sure you have all the tools you need to tackle everything from weeding and pruning to hard landscaping and planting. If you are an experienced gardener then you will probably have a number of trusted tools in the shed, but remember it is always worth checking them thoroughly and replacing any broken parts on garden appliances before use. This post is likely to be of greater benefit to those keen gardeners that are just starting out.

Having the right tools for the job can save a lot of time, effort and stress – after all you want working in the garden to be a fun and pleasurable experience. If your aim is to cultivate a beautiful garden or you are just looking to tidy up a shabby looking lawn, the right tools will get the job done in the shortest possible time. Below is our list of those ‘garden essentials’ you will need to get stated:

Garden Hand Tools

Garden hand tools are the foundation of your gardening arsenal and you will use them for planting, pruning and shaping. When it comes to planting shrubs and flowers you will need a garden trowel and a cultivating tool; this is shaped like a claw. These can often be bought in sets and will sometimes include a fork. You should look for tools that have been ergonomically designed; this type of tool will put less strain on you muscles. The cultivating tool is used for loosening the soil around plants, while the garden trowel will make light work of digging holes. There are also specially designed planting tools that can be used if you are planting a large number of plants or bulbs in one go.

If you are going to be planting roses or other plants that require pruning regularly, or you need to cut bacGarden Appliancesk dead or woody growth then it is worth investing a pair of secateurs. There are two main types of secateurs; these are bypass secateurs and anvil secateurs. They serve a slightly different purpose and work in a different way, but both feature a sharp blade and comfortable grip making them suitable for everyday use.

Anvil secateurs have only one blade that cuts against a flat surface, called the anvil. They are mainly used to crush stems and are effective on tough branched of up to about 1cm in diameter. A key benefit of anvil secateurs is that they remain usable when slightly blunt. Bypass secateurs working in the same way as scissors and they are easy to identify as at least one of the blades will be curved. Both types of secateurs will have a spring to open them and a safety catch to lock them closed.

Another hand tool that is worth purchasing is a weeding tool. These are used to dig out grass, moss and weeds for a neat finish to patios and borders. There are also tools available for taming bushes and trees, if your garden space has a lot of overgrown trees and shrubs then you may find a pair of loppers and hedge clippers.

Spades & Forks

Hand tools are really effective for planting, but when it comes to heavy duty digging and the preparation of ground ready for planting then you will need a digging spade. Turning the soil over in preparation for planting vegetables, seeds and shrubs will improve drainage and aerate the soil. You may also consider the acquisition of a garden fork, which is handy for removing unwanted plants, breaking up slumps in the soil or tending to compost heaps.


To get the best possible lawn you will need to tend to it regularly. To do this there are some garden power tools that help. You will obviously need a lawnmower, but it is also worth considering using a grass trimmer to tidy up the edges and a lawnrake will help to remove unwanted moss and thatch from the lawn.

If there are any we’ve missed, feel free to share them in the comments.

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