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Robotic Lawnmower

When it comes to cutting the lawn, you either love it or you hate it. There is no middle ground, but if you want your garden to remain looking at its best, it is something which needs to be done regularly – particularly during the summer months.

For those who fall into the “hate it” group, fear not as a solution is available – a robotic lawnmower, and more specifically the Flymo 1200R Robotic Lawnmower. For those who aren’t fans of cutting the lawn, the Flymo 1200R – which has 20 years of technology under its belt, is the saviour of the garden, helping you achieve a perfectly manicured lawn.

Easy Installation:

Despite many misconceptions, the Flymo 1200R has been designed for easy self-installation – meaning it can be up and running, mowing your lawn in no time at all.

The in-built LCD display panel makes it incredible simple and quick to programme the mower, whilst coming with the option to select different mowing times of the day and week. Once you’ve programmed it, come rain or shine the mower will get to mowing your lawn at the selected time – meaning you can sit back and relax with a glass of Pimms, whilst your lawn is cut into shape.

Along with being easy to install, once the mower is up and running there is no need for you to have to fetch it from your garden to charge it. Instead, its clever technology means the mower will find its way back to its charging station and charge itself – with a full charge usually taking 90 minutes.

Clever Cutting:

Achieving a luscious lawn is all about the cut, and with a robotic lawnmower you’re guaranteed to always get the perfect finish, due to its clever cutting technology.

The cutting disc on the underside of the mower carries 3 razor sharp blades, which give an effective cutting width of 17cm and allow the mower to trim up to 20-50mm off the grass. Due to the tips of each blade of grass being cut each time, the mower mulches whilst mowing and places the clippings back into the soil to act as a natural fertiliser.

For those worried about their flowerbeds with the Flymo 1200R robotic lawnmower cutting the lawn, fear not. The supplied boundary wires allow you to set perimeters for the mower to travel between, and only in these areas will the mower provide a continuous yet gentle cut.

The Flymo 1200R doesn’t just stop there when it comes to clever cutting though, there’s more.

Unlike your regular push along mowers which will think nothing about going over any debris left on your lawn, such as kids toys, the Flymo will stop when it comes up against an obstruction in the lawn before reversing and changing its direction – and if you lift the mower up (not that you should ever need to) it’ll automatically stop its blades from rotating.

What’s more, the mower is also capable of working on gardens which have slopes up to a 25% incline, whilst they can cut up to 30m2 per hour – making them suitable for the majority of gardens in the UK.

Do You Need More Reason to Buy?

If you’re still unsure whether the Flymo 1200R is the ideal lawnmower to meet your needs and requirements, leaving you with a perfectly cut lawn every time – without you having to do any more than programme it, then perhaps these last few benefits will sway you.

  • Emits almost no noise when in use or charging – meaning it doesn’t ruin the tranquil sounds of the summer
  • Come rain or shine, day or night it’ll mow your lawn. Once it has been programmed, it’ll set about cutting your lawn
  • No emissions. Unlike petrol lawnmowers, the Flymo 1200R offers no emissions meaning it’s better on the environment
  • Offers anti-theft protection, through a secure PIN and alarm set up

So if you want to ensure you receive efficient and precise cutting of your lawn – leave the standard push along mower in the shed, and instead switch to the Flymo 1200R Robotic Lawnmower, which will mow your lawn independently, in irregular patterns to provide you with a perfectly cut lawn time after time.

Flymo 1200R Robotic Lawnmower

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