You Can Stop Leaves From Taking Over!

As one lot of garden tools get put away for the colder months, it’s time to dig out the garden vac and lawnrake to ensure your garden is kept neat and tidy. In the autumn months it doesn’t take long for leaves to take over the garden. There are loads of options for coping with an autumn garden, including everything from garden vacs to leaf collecting paws. In this post we focus on BuySpares’ range of autumn garden spares, accessories and finished product.

If you’ve only got a couple of trees then you might not be too keen on forking out for a leaf blower or garden vacuum, but there are still simple ways to stop the process of scooping up fallen leaves from taking all day.

The first tip is to always ensure you have a garden refuge sack that is big enough to avoid countless trips back and forth to the bin or compost heap. Once you have raked the leaves into a pile, collecting up the leaves by hand can be a real chore – especially when they’re damp or starting to decay. An easier way to tackle the fallen leaves is to invest in a pair of leaf collecting paws. Although these plastic gloves might not look like much, they enable you to scoop up large amounts of leaves at a time – saving loads of time to get on with the pruning and other garden challenges.

In larger, tree-lined gardens then a leaf blower or garden vac is more of a necessity than a luxury. Not only do these garden appliances save you time, but many models of garden vacuum will also contain shredding lines that slice up the leaves so they can be packed more tightly into the bag. Other models of garden vac will be fitted with a front wheel to make them more manoeuvrable and easier to operate.

At BuySpares we sell a range of spare parts for garden vacuums and leaf blowers including replacement shredding lines, wheels and collecting bags.

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