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How do you make the most of a small garden?

aesthetic garden design detail seen from above

Keep plants vertical

When space is limited, use plants that grow up and not out, utilising horizontal space in your garden. This will create interesting scenery surrounding your garden. If you have walls or fences, you can find climber plants to add colour and interest. You can even find interesting places to hang plants, for example off window ledges or on hand rails.

Flowers Hanging In Teapots

Create a Focus Point

Create a central focal point for a small garden. You can build a fire pit surrounded by seating for a social atmosphere or have a small water feature for a more relaxing vibe. This can help create a themed space in your garden.

Fire Pit In Garden With Seats

Raise Planting Areas

Try using retaining walls and raised flower beds to add some depth and dimension to your garden. It will create a pretty, visual display, distracting the eye from the lack of space and opening your garden up. You can use plants and trees to attract wildlife into your garden also. Read our post on encouraging birds and bees into your garden for some inspiration. 

Raised Flower Beds In Garden

Focus on Furniture

If you have larger pieces of furniture, place them towards the back of your garden to give the illusion of more space, and not crowding the front end of your garden. Strategically place plants to partially obstruct your view, creating the illusion of more space. Add interest with plants at all heights and in all areas, ranging from climbers and ramblers to evergreen shrubs and sculptural grasses.

Wooden Furniture In Small Garden

Add Some Colour to Your Garden

A mixture of brightly coloured flowers, vibrant outdoor rugs and furniture can help create a colourful garden. Injecting colour into your space adds interest and dimension to a small space.

Colourful Garden Table And Chairs

A Garden Doesn’t Need a Lawn

With a small garden, having a lawn can take up too much space. Instead, keep the space interesting with potted plants and pathways to allow you to add more plants and furniture into your garden.

Wooden Patio Garden Design

These are all perfect examples of quality, not quantity in terms of garden space. You don’t need loads of space in your garden to create a beautiful area for you to relax in. It’s all about keeping it simple, being creative and using the room you have in the right way.

Let us know how you make the most of the space in your garden, and if you are starting to get back out in the garden, read our top 10 gardening tips you can do this Spring to get your garden ready for the summer months. 


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