How to Invite and Care for Friendly Garden Guests

Green Bird In Garden

Summer is here, the skies are blue and nature is thriving… but is your garden prepared to host the many wonderful critters that come out in full force during the warmer months?

Read on to learn how you can make your outdoor spaces more welcoming and homely for nature’s little garden guests.


Hang a Bird Feeder

Bird On Bird Feeder

No garden is complete in summer without a chorus of singing birds, so make sure you’ve got what you need to attract them in the first place. Hanging a bird seed feeder or two is a great way to invite winged guests and make them feel at home in your back garden.


Bird Houses

Bird House IN Garden

If you’re feeling especially hospitable, you could take things a step further and set up a bird hotel in your garden instead. Not only will this provide birds with a place to feast, but also a place to rest, making them more likely to stay and add a little music and beauty to your garden for longer.


Squirrel Houses

Squirrel House In Garden

Birds aren’t the only guests you can expect in your garden, however, if you make it welcoming enough. Squirrel houses are a great way to invite squirrels too – and we all know just how adorable those little furry fellows can be to watch as they roam, climb and scurry around.


Let Things Grow

Long Flowers IN Garden

Unless you have a very clear idea of how you want your garden to look, sometimes just letting everything grow freely is the best way to make your outdoor spaces more hospitable. With plenty of shrubbery and greenery, there’ll be no shortage of wildlife in your garden.


Butterfly-Friendly Flowers

Lavender Flowers IN Garden

Bring colour into your garden with both the flowers you grow and the creatures you invite. By growing butterfly-friendly flowers such as lavender, fennel and cornflower, not only will your garden comprise of floral beauty but there will be plenty of beautiful butterflies fluttering around too.


Add Some Water

Water Lily In Pond

Water is a great way to attract critters of all kinds, and you don’t have to build a fully functioning waterfall to do so. Just a small concrete fountain or miniature pond will do the trick, and you can sit back and relax while cute guests of all kinds drop by for a drink or a quick wash.

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