How To Pick The Perfect Grass Trimmer This Summer

How to Pick the Perfect Grass Trimmer When it comes to maintaining your garden, weeding the flowerbeds and regularly mowing the lawn to ensure that it stays the right length to remain healthy are only part of the job. The other half is making sure that the edges are also well maintained, and to do this it is likely that you’ll need to take advantage of a grass trimmer – but which one do you choose for your garden?

As with picking a lawnmower (see “Which Mower is Right for You?”) when it comes to picking the right grass trimmer for your needs and requirements, you need to bear a number of considerations in mind, all of which should be based around what you’ll be using your trimmer for.

Are you looking to get a trimmer which will enable you to tidy up the edges of your lawn, cut the grass around trees, steps and other obstructions within the garden with ease, or are you using it to cut back overgrown brambles and nettles?

Once you’ve decided what you’re using your trimmer for, you can begin looking for the ideal trimmer for your needs and requirements, taking into consideration:


As with lawnmowers, grass trimmers come with different power sources, with the main being petrol and mains electricity. As you would expect, each comes with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Mains Electric Powered:

The advantage of using a mains electric powered grass trimmer is that they are often lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, making them ideal for tidying up the edges of your lawn, cutting the grass around trees and under plants.

A disadvantage of a mains electric powered grass trimmer is the cable, which not only restricts the reach you have with the trimmer, but also offers an added health risk of cutting through the wire. To prevent the damage this can cause, at BuySpares we recommend using a RCD adaptor, which will cut the power the moment a fault with the electric connection is spotted, reducing the risk of electric shocks.


A petrol trimmer is often more powerful than your mains electric powered trimmer, meaning that they are often ideal for thick, overgrown areas within your garden; whilst with a petrol trimmer you are neither restricted in reach by a cable nor do you have the risk of cutting through said cable.

However, due to their greater power, petrol trimmers are often heavier than their mains electric powered counterparts, making them harder to manoeuvre. They’re also often noisy and emit smoke, meaning they aren’t ideal if you’ve got washing on the line or the neighbours are trying to relax in their garden.


The power of your garden trimmer is only one aspect which needs to be taken into consideration when you come to purchase the perfect garden appliance for your needs and requirements. Another aspect is the width of the appliance.

If you’re only planning on using the trimmer for edging then a narrow width trimmer will be sufficient, whilst if you’re after a trimmer to tackle the overgrown brambles in the corner of your garden, opt for a wider width trimmer which will tackle such a job with ease.


Chances are your trimmer will only be used in small bursts of action. But even still it is important to make sure that when using the appliance you are comfortable – and as such, it is important to make sure that the height of your garden appliance is correct.

As a rule of thumb, your back and shoulders should be in as a normal position as possible, without slouching, when using the appliance. To help achieve this, where possible opt for a trimmer which offers either an extendable handle or shaft.


How easy is it to repair a fault, should something go wrong with your appliance may not be something which you would usually think about when purchasing a new appliance, but it is an important consideration to have in the back of your mind.

At BuySpares we actively work to make the repairing of any appliance cheaper and easier than purchasing a brand new appliance, by stocking an extensive range of spare parts and accessories, whilst also producing a number of “How to” videos – and when it comes to trimmers, it is no different.

With a trimmer, the likely repair you’ll need to carry out is replacing the trimmer spool line, so it is always important to check how easy this is going to be, before purchasing the tool.

With each of these aspects tackled when picking your grass trimmer, you’ll be certain to find the perfect appliance for your needs and requirements, helping you to tackle those finishing touches to your garden and ensuring that you have a neat and tidy finish to your lawn.

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