How To Grow Your Own Fruit and Vegetables

Fruit And Veggies

Have you ever thought about deciding to grow your own fruit and vegetables but want to know how and where to start? We have some advice, tips and useful places to go in order to help you produce fresh fruit and vegetables for the whole family, without stepping in a supermarket.

Grow Produce That Is Expensive To Buy

It’s a lot cheaper to begin to grow your own fruit and vegetables, so make more cost-efficient decisions and plant the right vegetables! You can’t plant everything, so begin with some research into the most cost effective items to plant. Some of these items include kale, tomatoes and squash. Sherie, one of the most successful vegetable growers in the UK says; 

“You can get a 2.5kg packet for less than £4 and this might contain about 20 potatoes – each capable of growing 3 kilograms worth of additional potatoes. That’s 60kg of potatoes for £4. That same money might buy just a couple of bags of spuds in a supermarket.”

Join An Online Forum

There is a lot much information on the internet, it can help you learn so much, especially when you are just starting out. You need to research the climate and conditions of your area to make sure you are planting produce that can physically grow in these environments. This will allow your vegetable patch to flourish successfully. The RHS has produced an A-Z of vegetables to plant and all the information about them.

Carrots Growing In Garden

Grow Things You Enjoy

The whole point of you deciding to do this is to enjoy fresh fruit and veg from the comfort of your own garden or allotment. So, with this being said, be sure to plant produce you enjoy to eat and can add into your recipes. However there are lots of new variations that you can grow and try, so it’s an opportunity to try new things too.

Gather Inspiration

If you have never done this before, the best source of knowledge can come from looking at others examples. See if you can go down to your local allotment to look at the vegetable patches there. Create some ideas for how you can implement things you like into your own garden or allotment. While you are down there try speaking to other like-minding people who grow their own food, asking for advice and tips.

Strawberries Growing In Garden

Plant Things That Are Manageable

When starting out, start by planting produce that is manageable for you and your needs. This is something new you are taking on, so start off easy. Making time for a new project or hobby takes time and adjustment so beginning with low maintenance and easy fruit and vegetables, it will make it easier when you are just starting out. Here are 11 easy to grow vegetables. 

Get The Family Involved

Growing your own food can be fun and exciting so why not get the whole family involved. From helping to design your fruit and vegetable patch to planting the seeds to sow, there is so much to get involved with. It’s an interesting project as it also can help teach children about growing plants and producing your own foods.

Child Growing Veg

So, if you have wanted to start growing your own food, there is no better time to start. With these helpful hints and tips and having fun with a bit of trial and error, you will realise it’s such a fun project to start with tasty results. And as an added bonus, gardening is also good for your health, read about why here.

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