Your Simple Buying Guide to Cylinder Mowers

Qualcast LawnmowerIf you don’t have much knowledge on different types of lawnmowers, you may have no idea what a cylinder lawn mower is and what the benefits are.  They are usually the mowers used to cut luxury grade lawns. Gaining some knowledge of cylinder mowers will definitely help you make the right choice when it comes to purchasing such an appliance and its accessories.

A cylinder mower has five to twelve fixed blades that are arranged in a cylinder that move in a spiral. When mowing, the grass will get caught between the cylinder and the blades. The grass is cut off efficiently, in a scissor-like motion.  They can be either hand driven or powered by a motor to make the blades turn. They are said to be better at cutting grass cleanly than the rotary style mower.

One thing to think about where cylinder lawnmowers are concerned is the number of blades. Some mowers have 5-6 blades while others have 10-12, which will leave a better finish. As a general rule the more blades the mower has, the better the cut.

If you have a smaller lawn then a narrower mower would be ideal because it will be easier to maneuver and turn between cuts. If your lawn is of considerable size a wider mower would be a better choice because it takes less runs up and down the lawn, saving you time and effort.

Not all lawns can be cut with a cylinder mower. They are not designed to work effectively on poor quality lawns, weedy lawns or if you don’t mow your lawn frequently. This is because the grass will become too long to be cut with a cylinder lawnmower.

Cylinder mowers are also not suitable for sandy lawns as the sand will cause the blade to go blunt. If your lawn is uneven then again a cylinder mower may not be the choice for you either. This is because the blade system is likely to sink into the low patches and only remove the grass on the high patches. If you have any of these types of lawn than a hover mower or rotary mower may be better suited to the conditions.

The lawn also needs to be free of stones for a cylinder mower to be used, and it is advised to rake away any debris before you start to mow.

If your lawn is in good condition, then the chances are that your lawn would really benefit from using this type of mower to get the luxurious finish you want. Cylinder mowers achieve excellent results with the classic and aesthetically pleasing ‘striped effect’ finish. It is also important that the mower blades are kept in good condition to ensure an even cut.

Cylinder mowers are generally quite expensive, but you get what you pay for. It is recommended to go for the lighter electric models if you want your mower to be easy to handle and they are also more energy efficient.  Petrol cylinders are heavier but they will produce a finer cut and a more prominent stripe. Most cylinder mowers are fitted with rear rollers to emphasise the striped finish by flattening the lawn.

Qualcast are a leading lawnmower manufacturer and they sell a range of well-known cylinder mowers, including the Concorde 32, Suffolk punch petrol, elan 32, and the panther 30/380. If your Qualcast mower breaks and requires spare parts, there is a good chance that you would be able to repair it yourself and Buyspares is the place to look for genuine Qualcast parts and Qualcast accessories.

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