2 Must Have Winter Garden Appliances

Garden Appliances You Need in WinterDuring the summer months, with your flowerbeds in full bloom, the lawn cut to the perfect length, and with butterflies floating around your garden is a little slice of paradise; and there is no reason why during the autumn and winter months, with the right care and attention, your garden cannot continue to look beautiful.

Keeping on top of the garden during the winter months may seem like an arduous task, especially when the weather outside is less than appealing. But it doesn’t need to be, with the right tools within your gardening arsenal, and two such tools every gardener should have within their armoury are:

Garden Vacuums:

A problem for many gardeners during the winter months is not only the deadheading of plants and rose bushes, but also the falling of golden leaves onto the lawn, decking, patio and within the flowerbeds, and more specifically how to clean these up in a quick and efficient manner.

One way in which leaves can be cleaned is by using manual leaf collectors, which are scoop shaped and therefore enable you to lift a larger quantity of leaves than you’d be able to if just using your hands.

However, whilst manual leaf collectors can make the clearing of fallen leaves easier, they aren’t great when trying to get to those hard to reach areas of your garden, such as in the corners between two fences.

Another way in which to clean the garden of fallen leaves from the lawn and flowerbeds is to utilise the power of a garden vacuum, such as the Flymo Gardenvac 2700 Garden Vacuum / Blower or the Flymo Scirocco 3000W Electric Garden Vacuum / Blower.

Garden vacuum cleaners are a great way to clean the leaves with ease from the garden, and with a large collection bag included, the clearing of leaves is made easier as more can be cleaned up at a time. The Flymo models also come with a shredder option, which means that the leaves are shredded as they are collected, whilst larger objects which may be collected can be passed straight through into the collection bag.

Another benefit of the Flymo garden vacuums mentioned above is that they also come with a blower function too, enabling you to be able to remove leaves which are stuck within those hard to reach corners.

The blower function can also be used when the leaves are wet and difficult to pick up, as it enables you to blow the leaves into a neat pile, before manually collecting using the aforementioned manual leaf collectors.

With the leaves collected, the next step to keeping your garden looking like your very own slice of paradise, is to keep on top of the lawn using a….

Lawn Rake:

Over time wear and tear on your lawn can lead to bald patches appearing, and with bald patches comes the increased risk of moss, thatch and weeds appearing within your lawn. Unfortunately, due to the chemicals used within weed killers they aren’t suitable to be used on lawns; but this doesn’t mean that you need to put up with your grass being taken over by moss and thatch.

Instead, ensuring you have a lawn rake, such as the Flymo Lawnrake Compact 3400 Electric Lawn Rake, within your gardening armoury and using it regularly can help your lawn look neat and tidy all year round.

A lawn rake will vigorously comb your lawn, removing moss and thatch as it’s used and on when used on their lowest setting, lawn rakes can get right down to the soil; whilst on their highest settings they can be used to rake up and collect leaves from the lawn.

The Flymo Lawnrake Compact 3400 Electric Lawn Rake also comes with a unique compacting collection box which compresses the collected moss and thatch, minimising the number of times the rake needs to be emptied – as does the 34 litre compacting collector.

By utilising a garden vacuum and lawn rake in your garden, even when the weather outside is dark and bleak, you can work on your garden to ensure that it continues to look in pristine condition; whilst working on your garden during the winter months, ensuring the leaves are collected as they fall and the moss is kept out of the lawn, will also give your garden the best chance of blossoming come next spring.

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