Do You Know What To Do With The Kids This Summer

So, we are into the summer holidays, which means you may be thinking of ways to keep your kids entertained. What is there to do? Well here are a few suggestions that will hopefully spark a few ideas off for you:

When It’s Rainy

  • Indoor picnic- Why not throw an indoor picnic for your kids? Get a blanket and prepare some really fun food. Our cookshop will have just the tools that you need for the job.
  • Baking. With an abundance of recipes out there with kids in mind, baking is a great little activity to do with the kids. Do however; make sure your cooker is up to scratch for a summer of baking. Check out our advice centre for top maintenance tips
  • Learn to make play dough .
  • Make paper planes. Visit and go crazy. Be eco-friendly and use scrap paper.

Paper Aeroplanes

When It’s Sunny

  • Free tennis- visit for information on free tennis courts in your area.
  • Why not go on a trip to the zoo? If you’re travelling anywhere by car then we have Sat Nav accessories to help you avoid any wrong turnings.
  • Take them on a park adventure- there is bound to be a park right near your doorstep, and they cost no money to visit (apart from the occasional ice-cream).

Whatever you decide to do with your kids this summer, BuySpares may be able to help your activities run more smoothly and efficiently.

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