Make The Most of Your Last Bank Holiday of The Year

Bank HolidayLooking for something productive to do with the final bank holiday of the year? DIY? Gardening? As usual, it all depends on the weather.

If The Weather Is Gloomy-

  • Here’s an ideal time to make sure that all your home appliances are working up to scratch.
  • It’s also a good time to get your cleaning out of the way. Nobody likes it, but it has to be done! Once it’s done you can kick back and enjoy your serene atmosphere. Pick a room and tackle it head on!

If The Sun Is Shining-

Of course we are all hoping for some fantastic warm  weather here in Great Britain, and it’s not entirely impossible! So fingers crossed, and get your tools ready for a spot of gardening (just in case we are lucky enough).

  • Make sure that your garden appliances are up to the task of working magic on your garden. Our appliance advice centre offers fantastic maintenance tips for your lawnmower. There is also loads of information on what to do if your appliance breaks.

  • Consider, and if necessary, alter the shape of your lawn. This will give it really neat edges. Once you’ve got the shape, keep it up with your strimmer.
  • Get planting some flowers. Make sure that you get the right bulbs for the time of year. Soon you will be planting your autumn bulbs (which flower in spring), so fill your garden with Hyacinths and Daffodils.

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