Enjoy Your TV This World Television Day

World Television DayWhen thinking about television, we often think about endless channels of soaps, sport and reality TV mixed in with documentaries and news. In reality, whilst all of these are encompassed by TV, television’s importance in society runs much deeper than this.

In December 1996, the United Nations General Assembly recognised the importance of the television within society and proclaimed November 21st as World Television Day. As part of the day, the United Nations encourage all member states to exchange television programmes which focus on issues such as peace, security and cultural change enhancements.

With World Television Day set to take place in a few days, at BuySpares, we also recognise the important role television plays within society. Not only does it give a voice to good causes, but it also educates audiences and stimulates the global economy.

Television can also help to bring families together and entertained, as they bond over their favourite programmes; which is why we understand and appreciate the importance of ensuring that your television is continuously in full working order.

Remote Controls:

The remote control is one of the most important gadgets to keeping your television working to its full potential, enabling you to easily flick between the numerous channels. Yet due to its constant use on a daily basis the remote control can become worn and faulty.

From buttons on the remote control becoming stuck to falling off completely, through to remote controls becoming chipped, cracked or lost; the list of possible faults which can occur with your remote control can seem endless.

Thankfully, should you find a fault with your remote control; at BuySpares we have the ideal replacement remote controls, with a choice of nearly 5,000 TV remotes , enabling you to once again enjoy the endless stream of television channels on offer.

However, it isn’t just remote controls which can impact on your television viewing experience; there are also a number of other TV accessories which are essential.

TV Accessories:

When thinking about TV accessories whilst 3D glasses and headphones can improve the viewing experience, they are not necessarily essential to keep your TV working. However, there are some accessories which are, including:

  • Aerial Accessories – the signal that you get can vary depending on the location of your aerial, and this can mean on occasion you may not be able to get certain channels. Thankfully, with the easy installation of an aerial amplifier this can be a thing of the past.The SLX Aerial Amplifier which fits nicely within the loft and attaches to the aerial removes interference and channel loss from your TV caused by 4G mobile phone signals, helping to boost your TV viewing experiences.The One for All SV9215 Flat Indoor Aerial for example offers a 360 degree reception, whilst its built-in microcontroller strengthens the signal by over 40dB, enabling you to receive an excellent reception. An added benefit of the aerial is that it comes complete with a four metre cable, meaning that it can be easily hidden under the TV set.
  • TV Cables and Connectors – from satellite boxes and DVD players, through to games consoles there’s so many things which we connect to our television sets. Make sure that whatever you have connected to your TV, you’re able to make the most out of it with the right HDMI leads, Ethernet cables and scart leads.

Other accessories which we recommend having include wall brackets to enable you to make the most out of the space within your room, and specialist cleaning products such as LCD / Plasma screen wipes which will help to keep your TV clean from dirt, sticky finger prints and dust.

By having the right accessories and a fully working remote control, there’s no reason why you cannot enjoy your TV experience, whether you’re planning on watching the latest reality TV series, the omnibus of your favourite soap or MOTD.

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