The Most Popular Day of the Year for Burglaries Is Coming Up

Burglar Entering Home At Night

When the clocks go back at the end of October and the evenings are darker, the chances of unwanted intruders increase. More burglaries occur in November than any other month and the most popular day of the year for burglaries is approaching.

But there’s no need to panic. Get prepared in advance with some simple low cost anti-burglar accessories and clever deterrent tactics.


When is the Most Popular Day for Burglaries?

burglar-running-away-with-bag-of-moneyAccording to The Telegraph, more burglaries occur on Bonfire Night than on any other day of the year. A combination of darker evenings and higher than usual chances of people being out at fireworks displays means burglars seize their opportunity to strike. Here are our top tips on how to stay safe on bonfire night.

Valentine’s Day also has a higher than average chance of burglary for a similar reason; burglars take advantage of couples going out for the evening.

July 7th is the third most popular day for this kind of theft. As the weather gets warmer, windows and doors are more frequently left open accidentally.


Why Are There So Many Burglaries In November?

November is the peak month for burglaries for a number of reasons.

  • Long nights give burglars the cover of darkness for a greater period.
  • Christmas is around the corner so high value items like phones and laptops are desirable at this time of year.
  • During daylight hours people are most likely at work, so homes are easy targets all around the clock.

During the day when people are working or at night between the hours of 12pm -1am are the most likely times of day for burglars to strike.


How Can You Minimise the Burglary Risk?

There are four main ways to minimise your chances of being burgled.

  1. Ensure all windows and doors are securely locked before you leave the house.
  2. Don’t leave valuables or keys on display through your windows. Keep blinds or net curtains closed if you have them.
  3. Leave a light, TV or radio on when you go out for the evening.
  4. Invest in accessories to protect your home. Here are some security gadgets to make your home more safe:

Dummy Security Camera With LightA dummy camera – Dummy cameras with flashing LEDs are hard to distinguish from the real deal and are a good burglary deterrent, especially for businesses.


Smart Plug And Phone

A smart plug – Smart plugs let you remotely turn lamps and TVs on and off using your mobile phone.


Exterior Motion Sensor Light

A motion sensor light – A simple light that activates as someone approaches your house or enters your back garden can be enough to scare burglars off.


Honeywell Security Alarm System

An alarm system – Take your security one step further with a genuine alarm system. Clever modern systems will send alerts to your phone if the alarm is triggered so you can investigate. They can also lower the costs of insuring your home.


Methods to deter burglars really do work as they’re looking for easy targets. Follow the tips above and stock up on home security essentials to keep your home and family safe. They’re a lot cheaper than having to replace your lost valuables!

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