Are You Tackling Odd Jobs Around the Home This Spring?

DIY TipsWe are all familiar with the spring clean, but it is also the perfect opportunity to do some of those jobs you’ve been putting off for a while. There is never a shortage of things around the home that could benefit from a little bit of TLC, whether it’s fixing a wonky shelf or replacing a tired carpet or just about anything else – it pays to have the right tools for the job.

If you are a keen do-it-yourself veteran or you are simply looking to get started with being more hands-on around the home, then it is always worth tooling up with the basics. Your tool box will become your first port of call whenever anything breaks, needs putting together or adjusting.

Be Prepared…

The last thing you want is to have to pop out to the hardware store or browse the internet for vital tools at the start of every job. While some DIY challenges like fixing a faulty washing machine will require you to buy parts specific to the task, simple fixes like assembling flat-pack furniture and putting up mirrors and pictures can be done using tool box essentials alone.DIY Tools from BuySpares

What’s in the Box…

You should make sure you have the basics in your tool boxes and they will almost certainly include screwdrivers, pliers, a hammer, screws and, of course, a tape measure. You can also take some of the physicality and effort out of DIY by opting for power tools instead of the standard hand variety. At BuySpares you can buy a full range of power tools from leading brand Black&Decker including drills, jigsaws and garden appliances as well as a range of Black & Decker spares.

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