Light Up The Outside of Your Home This Winter

Garden LightsA common theme for many of us during the winter is leaving the house for work in the dark and returning home in the dark, with a bit of rain normally thrown into the mix. Whilst nothing can be done about the wet and gloomy winter days, by installing outside / garden lighting around the home, you can help ensure that the walk up the path isn’t a leap of blind faith.

There are a number of outside / gardening light options available, depending on your requirements and budget, and at BuySpares we’ve selected three which we think you should be considering, in the form of….


When you have your hands full of shopping it can be difficult to find your keys and get through the door; when rain and darkness are added to the equation it becomes even harder. Thankfully the element of darkness can be removed by installing an outside lantern at your front / back doors.

Lanterns, such as the Eterna 6-sided lantern offer not only a stylish and effective light fitting which is suitable with both low energy lamps and standard 60w ES lamps, but the motion sensor also offers light when it’s most needed, as you approach the door on those dark winter mornings and nights.

An alternative lantern which also guarantees to provide much needed light as you approach your door is the Time Guard 60w PIR Lantern, which comes complete with 110 degree angle detection and an eight metre detection range. The light setting can be adjusted from between five second and five minutes; ensuring you have enough light to find your keys during those dark nights.

In addition to installing lights, such as lanterns, around the outside of your home which benefit you, the homeowner, during those dark nights it’s also advisable to install outside lights which bring added security, such as…


When it comes to lights in the garden, particularly at this time of year, many of us automatically think about floodlights, which detect motion and act as an additional security method – enabling us to protect our home and its contents.

Although the security benefits offered by such lights are a huge incentive to purchasing floodlights, they also offer a lot more to your garden and home during the dark winter nights.

How many times in the past during the winter months, have you gone to put the rubbish in the outside bin, only to have to do it by memory due to not being able to see; or how often have you had to rely on the dog not to dig when you let it out in the garden at night, again due to not being able to see?

Both of these are common occurrences for many homeowners; but with the simple installation of an outside “floodlight”, both can become a thing of the past

The 10w LED Lyvia floodlight, for example, is perfect not only for adding an extra layer of security to your home, but also helping you to see in your garden during those dark mornings and nights, due to their motion sensors which trigger the light.

Lyvia’s 10w LED garden floodlight, which can be timed to provide light for five seconds up-to ten minutes are also great for energy saving; despite providing an LED output of 700 lumens.


Introducing light into your garden does not only need to be used as a security feature however, it can also be used to add an additional dimension – and this can be achieved by including solar lights.

From being dotted around flowerbeds and around fruit trees, to being installed near steps or garden furniture, solar garden lights can help add additional light into your garden during evenings, along with bringing a new dimension to the design of your garden.

Whether installed during spring, summer or winter solar lights, such as the Kingfisher 10 pack of stainless steel solar lights, are a great addition for any garden – and these particular lights require no installation. Once they’ve had the batteries added they are ready to be placed into your desired location, where they will come on at dusk before going off again at dawn.

Each of these three outside / garden lighting types offer both protection and benefits to your home during the upcoming dark winter nights and grey mornings; and at BuySpares you’ll be able to find the perfect outside lighting for your needs, requirements and budgets to ensure that your home is adequately protected and lit up.

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