Easy Ways You Can Get To Grips with DIY Repairs

Fixing it yourself is a great way to save money, avoid waste and gain satisfaction. When a home appliance breaks, whether it’s the washing machine or cooker, you can often repair it yourself with a little DIY skill, a bit of helpful advice and, of course, the right tools for the job. In this post we look at some of the ways BuySpares helps you to ‘become the repairman’ as well as the essential tools you need close at hand to cope with most faults.
We know from our numerous years in the spare parts business that appliance repairs can be quite daunting and many people lack the confidence to tackle a repair themselves. Whilst it is true that some repairs can be technical and need an experts’ touch, there are also plenty of simple repairs that most people can do.

BuySpares is committed to helping people fix appliances and the appliance advice centre is the perfect starting point. In this dedicated area of the BuySpares website you will find helpful articles for diagnosing common faults such as what is causing a washing machine to leak as well as handy how to videos demonstrating how to fit the parts you need to get your appliance up and running again.

Alongside the relevant spare parts, you may also need a few fitting tools to assist you in the repair. In most cases these won’t be too specialised and you may well have some of them already in the shed or garage. A typical DIY repairer’s tool kit will include trusty basics such as a screwdriver set, spanner set and socket set. It is also worth investing in a multimeter as these are inexpensive and are suitable for a wide range of appliance repairs, our video will show you how to get started.

Remember, taking the plunge and attempting a do-it-yourself appliance repair has lots of benefits. The cost of spare parts is usually only a fraction of what it would cost to replace an appliance or even call out a repairman. DIY repairs also stop thousands of fixable appliances ending up on the scrap heap, but probably the most rewarding aspect of a DIY repair is adding to your skills set and the sense of achievement that comes with a job well done!

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