DIY This Spring? Try Out a Feature Wall!

DIY TipsIn our recent blog post; ‘100 Tips For Your Home & Garden’, we mentioned the idea of a feature wall. A feature wall is a fantastic way to brighten up your living space at a relatively low price.  You could use feature paint, wallpaper or removable stickers on a single wall for an extra added dimension. A feature wall is a great way to show a bit of personality in a room, and draw attention towards a certain area. Use bold colours to create a more dramatic effect.

If you are renting your property, then an interesting way to make a feature wall is by mounting a collection of framed images onto your wall. The frames could be identical or as varied as you like in size, style and colour. Instead of putting holes in the walls, you can use self-adhesive hooks that won’t leave marks on the walls when you come to take the pictures down.  The best thing about this kind of feature wall is that you can change the images around regularly.

I would say that the use of exciting and innovative wallpaper is the best way to create a feature wall. As you are not covering an entire room you may even be able to afford bespoke designer wallpaper. Here are a few tips on how to get that perfect finish:

  • The main thing to consider when you are going to create a feature wall is where on the wall you are going to place the paper. It needs to be accurately placed in order to look good!
  • You don’t have to cover the entire wall in paper to create a successful feature wall. It is more cost effective just to cover the centre of the feature wall, and can create the illusion of a bigger wall.
  • Finding your centre point of the wall will prove to be very useful if you are covering the whole wall because then you can cover from the centre outwards, which will ensure even corners.
  • A good way to help you plan your positioning would be to cut a length of wallpaper and fix it to the wall with some tape initially, to get an idea of how you want your pattern to sit. Make sure you don’t damage the paper with the tape.
  • Use a tape measure for complete accuracy.

A feature wall is one of many things that you could do yourself this weekend to improve your home. At BuySpares we sell a range of items that will aid you with your DIY weekend. We have everything from painting equipment and wallpaper strippers to electrical accessories and security timer switches.

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