The hidden areas you always forget to clean in your home

Cleaning Stainless Steel Tap

Even during the deepest of cleans, it’s easy for some common household areas to get overlooked. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the hidden areas you always forget to clean in your home to help jog your memory.

Behind Sinks and Toilets

Toilet in Bathroom
Even during heavy bathroom cleans, we often forget about the backsides of sinks and toilets. Unfortunately, they can build up a heavy layer of dust, grime and filth overtime, especially due to moisture. These are easy areas to forget about, but a quick spray and heavy-handed wipe is sure to take care of them in no time.

Under Furniture

Sofa Being Lifted
Cleaning under furniture is commonly overlooked, as these are areas we practically never see. However, dust spreads easily, and filth can leave stains and damage behind. To avoid this, it’s important to make sure you remember to hoover under your sofa, bed and tables every now and then.

Inside Your Washer

Washing Machine Interior
Washing machines might clean your laundry, but they don’t clean themselves. Though missed by many, cleaning a washing machine is vital for keeping it working and doing its job to the best of its ability. Fortunately, the occasional cycle with some washing machine cleaner goes a long way.

House Plants

Plant Leaves Being Wiped
Watering plants and cleaning the surfaces beneath plant pots is no problem, but cleaning the plants themselves sometimes slips our minds. Houseplants get dusty just like the rest of your house, so reminding yourself to give them a quick dusting once a week will keep them looking bright and green.

Indoor Bins

Indoor Bin
Sometimes taking the bin bag out just isn’t enough. When the contents of your indoor bins have been removed but the bad smells linger, remember to give the insides a good clean too. Afterwards, your bins will be spotless and your kitchen will be odourless once more.

Skirting Boards

Wiping Skirting Boards
Dust gathers on every surface, but it can be easier to remember to wipe down a shelf than a smaller area you rarely pay attention to. Dust is unsightly, however, and giving your skirting boards a quick dusting is a step in the right direction for a clean and presentable home.

Door Handles

Wiping Door Handle
We touch the door handles in our homes countless times every day without even thinking about it. For that reason alone, they should be cleaned regularly. Wiping down your door handles on the odd occasion is sure to improve the hygiene in your home and keep your hands a little cleaner.


Dusty Vent
Dust blowing around your home is not only unhygienic, but also bad for allergies and general health. Giving any vents in your home a quick hoover is a great way to counteract this. However, as vents are small and out of the way, we often dismiss them entirely, so remember to add them to your cleaning list this year.

Smaller Appliances

Clean Kettle
Smaller household appliances like kettles and toasters need cleaning as much as anything else. Giving your toaster a deep clean or using some kettle descaler is a great way to make sure the appliances you use to prepare your food and drink are kept spick and span.


Thanks for reading our blog on the hidden areas you always forget to clean in your home. While you’re here and in the cleaning spirit, don’t forget to also check out our blog on the Ten Top Cleaning Tips For Kitchen Counter Appliances.

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