100 Home & Garden Tips – Part 2

Home & Garden TipsIf you enjoyed reading the 100 Tips for Your Home & Garden, then this next batch of home and garden tips won’t disappoint. As before we have broken it into individual topics to make it easier to find the tip you need.

In this section of the post we cover tips for a more organised home, easy ways to beat stains on your carpets and tips for tackling DIY Projects. We also have a section to help you brighten up your home, just in time for summer and entertaining. Let us know if you’ve tried any of these tips in the comments.

Pet Hair, Stains and Allergies Blog


51. If you suffer with allergies then it might be time to upgrade to a new vacuum cleaner that benefit’s from HEPA filtration. This type of filter captures smaller dust particles and allergens than older models.

52. Pet hairs on your furniture can be tricky to shift using a conventional vacuum cleaner. You may find it easier to use a purpose built vacuum tool or handheld vacuum.

53. For most people their pets are very much part of the family, but they can make a mess of your carpets and floors. To keep your surfaces hygienically clean them it is always worth choosing cleaning formulas designed for homes with pets.

54. Stains can be an absolute nightmare to combat. If you have spilled your coffee, walked mud into your carpets or dropped ketchup then the Bissell stain guide is the place to look for carpet cleaning solutions.

55. If you are looking for effective ways to clean your home, surfaces and appliances without the need for chemicals then the e-cloth range is well worth a look.  The fibres in their cleaning cloths break up and remove more grease and dirt, incredibly using just water.

Why not try the e-cloth calculator to see how much you could save by not needing to buy chemical based cleaners?

56. If you have accidentally gotten nail varnish on fabric then you could try to remove it by laying the fabric face down on a piece of cloth and dab the stain from the other side with nail-varnish remover.

57. Grass stains are one of the most common, but they can be difficult to shift. Use a stain remover and then do a hot wash, using a biological detergent. You can also tackle stubborn marks by dabbing with methylated spirits. Remember always check the manufacturers instructions and do a test patch first!

58. If you have a long-haired pet, such as an old English sheep dog, then pet hair can be a real issue for your vacuum cleaner. It can become tangled around the agitator or brush roll. To prevent problems occurring then you need clean the agitator regularly.

59. In many cases prevention is as good as a cure. This can also be the case with pet hair. You can vacuum your pet as well as hairs on furniture and carpets. However make sure you use a specifically designed tool like the Dyson groom tool!

60. Another common household stain is spilled tea. If you get it on your carpets then the best course of action is to sponge it immediately with cold water and then use a carpet shampoo or spot cleaner. Remember to check the manufacturer’s instructions first.

Floor Care Spare Parts


61. Another great tip from Paul, if you’ve moved your furniture around and it has left some unsightly dents in the carpet then a couple of ice cubes will put the spring back in your fibres.

62. Breathe new life in to tired, marked or worn out carpets by giving them a deep clean with a carpet shampooer. Remember we have a great range of both Vax and Bissell cleaning solutions.

63. You might not be aware but almost all vacuum cleaners will have at least 1 filter and these need to be cleaned and replaced on a regular basis. If your vacuum’s performances levels have dropped, try changing the filters.

64. If you’re using a bagged vacuum cleaner, remember that if you allow the bag to overfill then the vacuum will operate less efficiently. Always replace the vacuum bag when it’s 2/3 full.

65. Your floor won’t always get the same amount of wear in every location. It is recommend that you vacuum the high traffic areas more frequently to avoid dirt being worked deep into the carpet fibres.

66. Rearrange the layout of the furniture on your carpets regularly as this will change the areas of the carpet receiving high foot traffic, which will result in more uniform wearing of the carpet.

67. This one is really simple, but it can make a big difference. If you place a door mat at each entrance and exit then it will stop dirt and mud being traipsed through the house. You could even enforce a no shoes rule!

68. When it comes to spills and stains the key is always to act fast. Remember, as soon as it happens is the best time to avoid a lasting problem.

69. If you accidentally knock over a glass of red wine on your carpet then this is how to fix it. Firstly, dilute the stain with white wine, then clean the spot with cold water and cover with table salt.

70. Vacuum cleaner air fresheners simply drop into your vacuum bag or compartment to leave a pleasant odour as you clean. They are particularly effective at combating pet odours. Vacuum cleaner air fresheners enable you to add an extra dimension to your vacuum cleaner by perfuming your house as well as collecting dirt and debris.

Office Accessories


71. If you are looking for a more effective way to store wine bottles while keeping them nicely chilled then investing in a fridge wine rack is the perfect solution. They fit under existing shelves so they don’t compromise the existing space.

72. Over time parts of your fridge or freezer can become damaged if they are in constant use. If a shelf in your fridge has broken it can leave you struggling for space and can lead to your fridge becoming cluttered and unorganised. Fortunately, fridge shelves and bottle racks can easily be replaced and are often inexpensive.

73. Have a plan before you start tackling the cleaning. Make a checklist of what needs doing in each room, this way nothing will get overlooked and you can share chores out across the family.

74. If your hallway is starting to become cluttered with coats and shoes them now is the time to do something about it. Coat hooks and shoe rails are readily available, inexpensive and simply to install – you’ll be amazed at the difference!

75. Cables and leads can look unsightly and are a potential hazard. Always ensure that cables are hidden away and secured with cable ties. There are numerous products on the market to effectively conceal cabling for your computer, TV and other electrical equipment.

76. If you are doing some DIY or repairing something around the home that needs to be taken apart, then a handy tip is to put any small parts like screws and washers in a small container, such as the lid of an aerosol. This will stop them getting lost or forgotten about when it comes to the rebuild.

77. If you have children then you will know how their pens and crayons end up getting everywhere. A simple tip to be more organised is to keep felt tips and crayons in old sweet tins. This makes it easy to tidy away when they get fed up of drawing and colouring.

78. The garage or shed can easily become cluttered and unorganised. If you are running out of space to store things then this tip will enable you to use the underside of shelves and wooden joists. Using a couple of screws attach the lid of a jam jar to the underside of the shelf or joist. Once secure you should be able to screw the jar in place. These under-shelf containers are ideal for storing screws, nuts, washers and bolts.

79. If you find that there is always loads of extra food left in your fridge, freezer or cupboards then you should consider planning your meals in advance. This way you will only buy what you need for that week, which will not only save space but also money.

80. Manuals and instruction books can easily become lost or misplaced, especially those for kitchen appliances. However, these are really handy if you need to source spare parts or book a repair. It is a good idea to keep them all together in box or cupboard so they are always to hand.

Household Cleaning Tips


81. Tea and coffee stains can be stubborn stains to shift but according to Paul, the marketing department cleaning expert, you can remove coffee or tea stains from the bottom of a mug by swishing white vinegar around it.

82. This is one that can catch you out if your not careful where you sit! You can easily remove chewing gum from clothing if you put the item in the freezer overnight, then the gum should just peel off without too much hassle.

83. With the summer on the way, make the most of the beautiful sunlight by making sure your windows and conservatory ore spotlessly clean. We sell a range of pressure washer attachments to help you get the job done.

84. If your household bin has developed a bit of a whiff then this tip will bring the freshness back. If you place a tumble dryer sheet at the bottom of the bin before putting in the new bag this helps to avoid odours.

85. If you are struggling to remove the splatter and splashes from the inside of a microwave then a lemon could be your secret weapon. To start, squeeze the juice of around half a lemon into a bowl with 2cups of water. Next, heat the bowl in the microwave for around 1-2 minutes, allowing the vapours to condense on the microwave roof and sides. Finally, wipe the microwave clean.

86. If your oven shelves and racks are getting difficult to clean because of grease and grime then this tip will help you get it clean. Spray your dirty oven shelf with caustic cleaner whilst inside a bin liner then lay flat inside the bag, turn over after a period of time. It’s effective and less messy.

87. If your glassware is taken on a cloudy appearance and you are struggling to remove it then you could try this home remedy. Soak the glass in warm vinegar (not hot) and then scrub clean. If this doesn’t work the glass may have become scratched, which isn’t fixable.

88. It is possible to clean the soleplate of your iron. It can be done simply by wiping or polishing with a damp cloth when the iron is cool. To remove burnt on marks try using bicarbonate of soda on a slightly warm iron. Remember always make safety a priority.

89. If your decking is dirty then a pressure washer will help to blast away the grime. There are a number of deck cleaning products available that will make your outdoor areas suitable for summer garden parties and BBQ’s.

90. The TV screen is a magnet for dust. You should give them a wipe over as often as you can with a microfibre cloth. You should also vacuum dust out of ventilation grates as part of your cleaning ritual.

Lighting and Bulbs


Here are a few suggestions to add that little something extra to your home from Gemma in our marketing team:

91. The introduction of fresh flowers is a cheap but effective way to brighten up a room that is looking a little unloved.

92. Instead of decorating a whole room, if you get a couple of accessories this can change the colour scheme and freshen things up.

93. Modernise your kitchen by painting cupboard doors and investing in new door handles. This is a much more cost-effective option that buying a new kitchen but the results can be just as impressive.

94. If you are fed up with an old piece of furniture, why not consider a revamp before you throw it on the scrap heap. One easy solution is to paint tired looking dining room furniture by glossing or painting them with a new colour.

95. First impressions count and if the exterior of your home is looking tired then why not add a touch of your personality by painting your front door a bright new colour.

96. If you have a particularly small room than adding a strategically placed mirror can give the impression of extra space.

97. A feature wall can give any room an extra dimension. If you are looking for a cheap way to revitalise a room then wallpapering a single wall can be visually sticking at a fraction of the cost.

98. Lighting is the key to making rooms feel large, bright and airy. As well as natural light, painting your walls with light, soft colours will make a room feel spacious where as dark colours can give a closed in feel.

99. When your sofa is looking a bit tired, you can brighten it up with some new cushions and a throw at a lower cost than buying a new one.

100. If you are tired of looking at the same old thing then rearranging the furniture is a simple way to change the look, feel and ambience of a room. It is also free of charge.

If you have any tips of your own then feel free to put them in the comments below.

*Hopefully you find these tips useful, but we haven’t put all of them to the test. Remember to consult the manufacturers’ instructions or guidelines before attempting any of the tips suggested here.

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