10 Ways To Prepare Your Home For Summer

Pink Flowers In Vase

The summer is upon us and we all want to enjoy the sunshine in our beautiful homes and gardens over the next couple of months. We are telling you about 10 ways you can prepare your home for the summer, helping you get the most of the British summertime at home.

(1) Clean Your Windows

Summer is the perfect time to get cleaning your windows, inside and out. The warm weather will help them dry easily and it will allow the sun to shine through your newly cleaned windows, instantly brightening up your house.

Woman Cleaning Windows Outside

(2) Add Fresh Flowers Around Your Home

Something as simple as this can help you transform your house. Replace candles with vases holding fresh cut flowers. Winter will be out of sight and, thankfully, out of mind.

(3) Invest In Garden Furniture

In order to enjoy these warmer evenings, invest in some garden furniture; table, chairs and benches, or if you already have these items, give them a clean and get them out in your garden.

(4) Get the BBQ Ready

Summer is BBQ season. You don’t want to be caught short with a BBQ that isn’t ready, so make sure to clean yours and get it in full working order ahead of time. This makes sure you can enjoy those summer burgers and hot dogs over the next couple of months. Read more about how to get you BBQ ready here. 

Cooking Food On Barbecue

(5) Get Painting

Now is the ideal time to take on a sweaty project and update your decking, doors and walls with a fresh lick of paint. Adding bright colours around your home will make it feel lighter and brighter and give it a new lease of life.

(6) Air Your House

In the morning, get into the habit of airing out your house by opening the doors and windows to let the fresh air in. This will refresh your house and make it smell fresh and clean whilst also eliminating any bad odours.

(7) Tidy Up Your Shed or Garage

Is your shed or garage a mess? Stop putting off this task and start organising. It will make it so much easier to find the tools you are after when you need them most.

Landscaped Yard With Shed

(8) Use Lighter Linens

Swap warm winter duvets heavy blankets for lighter linens with a high thread-count. Choose light colours to give your rooms a fresh and breezy feel. A simple, thin duvet should be enough to keep you warm during the summer months.

(9) Get Your Washing Line Sorted

This is the perfect season to save some money and be environmentally friendly by hanging your washing out to dry instead of using your tumble dryer. Make sure you have a sturdy washing line and pegs ready. Be sure to check when the weather is meant to be warm so you can get your clothes out in the morning allowing plenty of time for the sun to dry them.

(10) Add Some Lights Outside To Enjoy Summer Evenings

Nothing is better than summer nights in your garden, drinking and eating delicious things. To enjoy the warmer nights for longer add some solar lights or fairy lights to your garden to transform your garden, allowing the summer nights to last longer.

Fairy Lights In Trees

Whether you take on board all ten tips or just one, they should hopefully allow you to make the most of your summer at home, whether inside or in your garden. If you are looking for some new summer recipes to enjoy this year, we have 7 summer recipes you should try. 

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