Universal Dishwasher Parts – Quality and Cost-Effective!

Universal Dishwasher BasketIf you need to purchase a replacement part for your dishwasher then a universal part might be the way to go. Universal parts are designed to fit dishwashers from a variety of brands and will usually fit almost all available models.

Universal dishwasher parts can be a great alternative to buying a genuine replacement dishwasher part made by the original manufacturer of the appliance. So why are universal parts a great alternative?

Firstly, due to their ‘universal’ nature they can take the hassle out of buying spare parts. To find most appliance spare parts you will need to know the model number to ensure it will fit, but if you don’t have this information to hand, you can still buy a universal part based on other specifications such as the physical dimensions – as you have the confidence these have been designed to fit most appliances.

Perhaps the biggest benefit to universal dishwasher parts is the cost. A universal part is likely to only cost a faction of the price of the genuine equivalent, but remember if it is an exterior part it is unlikely to match the aesthetics of your machine perfectly.

At BuySpares we sell a range of universal dishwasher parts including fill hoses, drain kits and waste kits. If you are concerned about quality, don’t be! Most universal and pattern parts are manufactured to very high stands, but don’t just take our word for it. Here is what some of the customer that purchased a Universal Cutlery Basket thought about the product:

“It’s the perfect replacement for my old cutlery basket”

“As good as the Hotpoint original at a 1/3 of the cost”

“Fits well into our machine so I’m sure will do as well for other as long as you have your measurements right”

“Brilliant replacement for last one when items started to fall through. Everything safe now while being cleaned!”

“Direct replacement for original basket.”

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