Dishwasher Repairs – We Explain Where to Start

Dishwasher RepairsIf your dishwasher has developed a fault, then you are faced with a dilemma; do you replace it, call in the appliance repair professionals or have a go yourself? In this post we look at the dishwasher repair options available.

You may want to consider the age of your dishwasher and you own DIY abilities before making a decision – as well as your budget. Like any home appliance, if your dishwasher isn’t working it can be a source of frustration and considerable inconvenience.

Diagnosing the Fault with Your Dishwasher…

The first thing to do is to identify the fault and what is causing the problem. In some cases this might be quite straight forward such as a loose door seal or a faulty door handle – where you can see the fault. In other cases you may need to do some detective work, our guide to common dishwasher faults might help. When you have identified the fault you will be in a better position to gauge the possibility of a do-it-yourself repair.

When a Repair is the Best Option…

A repair is likely to cost considerably less than buying a replacement if it is only a minor fault. It is also better for the environment as you are not adding to the amount of electrical waste discarded each year. When it comes to dishwasher repairs there are usually two options; hire a reputable tradesman or repair service such as Repaircare or buy the necessary dishwasher spares and attempt the repair yourself.

If you decide to give it a go, then the how to videos in our appliance advice centre will help guide you through every step of the dishwasher repair.

How to Buy Spare Parts…

There are vast arrays of dishwasher spare parts available, and our earlier post shows you the different type of parts on offer. The most important thing to remember when buying spare parts is that you want them to fit! The easiest way to do this is to shop using your dishwasher’s model number.

The model number will usually be printed on the appliance as well as in the manual. The most common places to locate a model number include behind the door, on the base of the dishwasher and the sides or rear casing.

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