Why Is It So Important To Replace Your Fridge’s Water Filter?

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It is recommended to drink at least 2 litres of water per day in order to stay healthy and hydrated.

If you’ve got a fridge freezer with a water filter, it’s important to change it every 6 months (or as per the manufacturer’s instructions) and it’s totally worth it. Here’s why:

It’s waaaaaay cheaper than bottled water

A lot of people prefer to drink bottled water than water from the tap. Add up the cost of this over the course of six months (the average time that your filter will be operational) and you’ll see a pretty big difference to your pocket.

Bottled Water:

A 2l Bottle of Evian mineral water is 84p. One of these every day for 6 months would cost you the princely sum of £156.24.

Even if you get savvy and buy them in 6-packs, which cost £3.66, you’re still looking at nearly £115 for a 6 month supply*

Water Filter:

Samsung Internal Filter Twin Pack will give you 12 months of pure filtered water for £59.99.

It’s better for the environment

Buying bottled water means you’ll be getting through a lot of plastic bottles every week. True, they can be recycled, but of course the ideal scenario would be not to need all that plastic in the first place.

The water used by the filter in your fridge is drawn straight from your water supply, but with the added benefit of having any chemicals and other nasties filtered out.

You’ll notice the difference in your water

If you don’t bother changing your water filter, it’ll no longer be able to remove the impurities from your drinking water, which means you’ll be ingesting all the chlorine, rust, limescale, dust and other particles that can occur in tap water. A new filter will also absorb more of the organic substances which can cause unpleasant odours.

If your water’s filtered properly it’ll taste nicer, smell nicer and be more refreshing to drink.

Not sure how to replace the water filter in your fridge? Our video How to Change the Water Filter Canisters in a Fridge Freezer could help you!

*Prices taken from sainsburys.co.uk correct at the time of writing

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