Stop Your Fridge Bursting at the Seams this Christmas

Fridge SparesThe festive season can take a real toll on your kitchen appliances especially the fridge and freezer. With many of us enjoying parties and gathering during the build up to Christmas, relatives stopping by for a mince pie and of course the big day itself – we will be getting more food in than any other time of the year.

It is therefore important to maximise every bit of available space in the fridge and freezer to cope with the extra demand. In an earlier post we looked at The Trials and Tribulations of Defrosting your Freezer and how this can free up space. In today’s post, we’ll be focusing on those handy additions that can bring the best out of your refrigerator.

Firstly, there are refrigerator wine racks. These are specifically designed to slide onto or underneath one of your existing fridge shelves and enable you to keep cold anything up to five bottles of wine or bubbly – perfect for a celebration.

You can also purchase additional fridge shelves and replacements if any of your shelves or the bottle holder has become damaged. There are universal shelves available, which means they will fit almost all fridges and can often be cut to size.

Over the festive period you are also likely to be storing food with strong flavours and aromas. It is always worth while to store food in plastic storage containers or food bags as this will stop cross contamination. A fridge deodoriser is also useful as this will ensure your fridge remains smelling fresh no matter what goodies are stored inside. Fridge deodorisers can last up to 4 months and they come in a range of scents as well as scentless varieties.

If you have come across any handy space savers or must have fridge products of your own, we would love to know about them. Please feel free to share your thoughts and views in the comments below.

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