3 Simple Ways to Make More of Your Kitchen

3 Simple Ways to Make More of Your Kitchen

We’ve all got our dream kitchens, from the quaint cottage kitchens with low wooden beams, deep wooden cupboards and an Aga cooker, through to the ultra-modern, sleek ones which come with touch-to-open cupboards, clinical lighting and the latest technology and kitchen gadgets.

Yet, for many of us these remain just that…a dream, due to being either too expensive to turn into reality or not feasible with the space we currently have available. But there 3 simple ways to make more of yours, turning it into a dream space, including:

Utilising Space in Your Cooker:

For everyday family meals the chances are your cooker is the perfect size. When it comes to cooking for a dinner party or family celebration, however, it’s likely to seem too small, leaving you dreaming of a bigger model.

But why spend upwards of £600 on a new double cooker complete with hob, when you can spend between £3.99 (for an adjustable oven base shelf) and £21.51 (for an adjustable oven shelf kit), and increase the amount of useable space available.

Using adjustable oven shelves instantly makes it easier to increase the useable space in your appliance, meaning you’re able to cook all the dishes you need, at once, to create the perfect dinner party.

Find out how great adjustable oven shelves are by watching our “How To Use a Replacement Expandable Oven Shelf” video below, and by reading our customer reviews on the individual product pages.

Keep Your Appliances Clean, Maintained and Looking Like New:

Over time, a combination of wear and tear and lack of cleaning can remove the sparkle and result in your kitchen appliances looking dull, whilst lack of care and maintenance can also see their performance dwindle.

Keep yours looking like new and working at the top of the performance, by:

  • Repairing your appliances at the first sign of them showing a fault. Even minor faults can have a significant impact on the performance. Taking the time to fix it yourself will save you money and keep your appliances working to their full potential for longer.

Rejuvenate Your Kitchen Cupboards:

When it comes to updating the look of your kitchen, rejuvenating your kitchen cupboards by giving them a new coat of paint can often be the easiest and cheapest solution. But, to ensure you get a professional looking quality finish when repainting them, it’s important to:

  • Take your time – you shouldn’t rush painting. Instead take your time by carefully preparing the areas being painted before taking the paint brush to them.
  • Choose quality paint – by selecting quality paint you’ll find it easier to achieve a sleek finish. High-quality paint will also provide a more durable finish.

If repainting the cupboards seems like too much work or isn’t possible due to the condition of the existing ones, two other ways you can rejuvenate them is to:

  • Change the handles. Although it’s only a small change, it can make a big difference to the overall aesthetics of your kitchen.
  • Replace the cupboard doors. This will be more expensive than repainting them, but cheaper than installing a brand new kitchen.

By utilising the space available in your kitchen with the aid of adjustable oven shelves, regularly cleaning and maintaining your kitchen appliances, and rejuvenating your kitchen cupboards every few years, there is no reason why you cannot turn your current kitchen into your dream one, for a fraction of the cost.

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