How To Keep Your Fridge Clean & Running

Open Fridge Full Of Food

The fridge is an appliance which we all trust and rely on, and one of only a few appliances within the home which is used continuously during the day. Keeping your fridge working to its full potential will help to prevent your food from spoiling quickly. 

At BuySpares we’ve provided a list of tasks you should carry out, to bring that sparkle back to your fridge, to remove any odours and to ensure that your appliance is working like new.

  • Remove any goods which have passed their “best before” date – we are all guilty of storing condiments or other items of food in our fridge which have passed their best before dates. Such food is not only likely to harbour unpleasant bacteria, but is also likely to cause unpleasant odours, so remove it from your fridge and put it in the bin.
  • Clean all fridge shelves thoroughly – the fridge shelves should easily be removed, making it easier to give them a thorough clean.To give your shelves the clean they deserve, remove them from the fridge, including the shelves in the door, and place them in hot soapy water to soak for five to ten minutes. Once they’ve soaked, scrub them clean before drying.
  • Clean everything – it isn’t just the shelves within your fridge which can harbour dirt, grime and unpleasant bacteria. The inside of the door and the walls of your fridge are also likely candidates.It’s therefore a good idea to give every area of your fridge, inside and out, a deep clean with the a specific fridge and freezer cleaner. The high performance cleaner tackles tough stains and spillages, to leave your fridge sparkling.

With your fridge cleaned, and the food still out of it, it’s a good idea to check the components to ensure that they are in top condition. From checking for cracks in the shelves to bulbs which have blown; through to split fridge door seals – each of these faults can be easily fixed to bring your fridge back to its former glory and working to its full potential.

Once you’ve given your fridge a thorough clean and checked all components to ensure that they’re in full working order; there are only two more jobs to do. The first is to make sure that your fridge is at the right temperature (between one and four degrees Celsius).

Finally, you’ll need to restock your fridge, but this isn’t as simple as putting the food you’ve just taken out back in. Instead there are some tips you should remember.

  • Store food in the prime location to keep it fresher for longer. For example, the bottom shelf should be where you keep your raw meats, whilst the middle shelf should be home to yoghurts, cream and cartons. The top area of your fridge is ideal for cheese and cooked meats.
  • Rotate the food in your fridge regularly. If you’ve purchased new food, try not to automatically put it to the front of your fridge. Doing this runs the risk of older food being forgotten about, going off and causing unpleasant odours.
  • Keep raw meat, fish and cheeses covered to prevent the spread of odours and also bacteria. It’s also advisable to keep raw meats being stored within the fridge away from cooked meats.
  • Place an anti-mould mat within your vegetable drawer to allow air to circulate freely, reducing the risk of mould, and place a fridge deodoriser within the fridge too.

By taking the time to thoroughly clean your fridge, not just on National Clean Your Refrigerator Day but regularly, will help to keep the appliance working to its full potential for longer; but it’ll also help stop bacteria from multiplying.

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