How to Cook Dinner If Your Oven Has Broken Down

Modern Laid Dinner Table

If your oven has broken down you may find dinners a challenge whilst you wait for a tradesperson or a replacement part for your appliance to arrive. You may think you’re limited to fast food and other unhealthy options. However if you have a microwave, slow cooker or even dishwasher you can still cook healthy nutritious meals from scratch, without the aid of your oven.


Microwave Oven Cooking VegetablesMicrowaves are usually confined to heating or defrosting foods, but they can do so much more! Your microwave can be used to cook vegetables, rice and whole dinners from scratch. Cooking your veggies in the microwave can actually be healthier, as they don’t lose as many nutrients as are lost during boiling.

There are plenty of recipes out there for microwaved meals including macaroni cheese, risotto and even crispy bacon. For the latter just drape the rashers over an upside-down bowl and the excess fat will run down the sides. Just remember if you’re cooking eggs in the microwave to go with your bacon to take them out of their shells, we all know what happens if you don’t!

Slow Cooker

Red Slow Cooker Set To LowSlow cookers are relatively inexpensive and can be massive time savers if you get into the habit of using them. Ingredients can be prepared in advance, either the evening before or in the morning before you head off to work and as long as you remember to set the slow cooker before you head out of the door you can enjoy a perfectly cooked meal, ready and waiting for you when you return home.

Some people are put off from using slow cookers as they think they’re only good for stews, but there are an abundance of varied slow cooker recipes out there. Curries, pulled pork, chilli con carne, lasagne, cassoulet and even bread can all be made with a slow cooker.


Salmon On White PlateSo this is the wild card, the slightly more unexpected appliance that you may not have known could cook food is the dishwasher. It may seem crazy, but you can actually cook an entire salmon dinner using your dishwasher alone. The moist hot environment of a dishwasher cycle poaches the salmon to perfection and can also be used to boil vegetables and potatoes.

You can even do a load of dishes at the same time, just take care to ensure the salmon is sealed in an airtight foil package and the vegetables and potatoes are in airtight jars or bags to avoid soap suds on your dinner plate.

Whilst there are a few options for cooking without your oven, you’re probably anxious to get your oven up and running again. Why not save money by fixing it yourself? You can find the replacement parts you need and how-to videos to help you over on our site.

But who knows, you might enjoy cooking with your other appliances so much that once your oven is up and running again you use it far less often than before!


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