How To Easily Clean Your Cooker Hob

How to Clean Your Cooker Hob

From steaming vegetables and boiling pasta, through to cooking a fry-up or chilli, the cooker hob is an important appliance within the kitchen. Yet, as with all cooking appliances, the hob is susceptible to a build up of dirt; especially if a lot of fat is produced from the food.

As a rule of thumb spills and splatters which occur during the cooking process should be cleaned at the earliest opportunity. We recommend whilst the cooker hob is still slightly warm to touch, that you use a damp cloth to wipe away any spillages – and this technique can be used across all hob types.

For more stubborn food, again we recommend this is tackled at the earliest opportunity. The best way to tackle such stubborn burnt on food is use a specially designed hob scraper, which will make light work of loosening the dirt, making it easier to wipe away.

It’s important to make sure the blade on your scraper is always sharp. Not only will this make it easier to remove burnt on food, but it’ll significantly reduce the risk of your cooker hob becoming scratched, scuffed or marked in any other manner.

Whilst ensuring any spills and splatters are cleaned whilst the hob is still warm to touch, and burnt on food is removed using a hob scraper; the best way to achieve a perfectly clean, streak free cooker hob will depend on the hob you have. But it is worth noting, that each cooker hob type can be cleaned in a few simple steps, as outlined below.

Ceramic Hob:

Ceramic hobs are often a beautiful addition to any kitchen; however, if they are not cleaned correctly the beauty can quickly fade, as they become scratched and imperfections appear. To prevent this from happening to your ceramic hob, we recommend you follow the four following steps:

1)      Remove all food and any crumbs which may be on the hob, leaving you with just the stubborn stains to deal with.

2)      Apply a specialist ceramic hob cleaner, such as the Homecare Hob Brite Ceramic Hob Cleaner or the Wellco Ceramic Hob Cleaner, to the hob and leave it to soak in – but do not allow it to dry completely.

3)      Once the cleaner has soaked into your cooker hob, use a microfibre cloth to clean the area. For those tougher stains which require a bit more elbow grease, scrunched up newspaper should help remove the dirt.

Induction Hob:

Thanks to their design, it is highly unlikely food will burn onto the cooker hob, making it unlikely you’ll need to use a hob scraper to remove any stubborn dirt. However, this doesn’t mean you won’t need to provide it with a bit of TLC from time to time, and a thorough clean.

Cleaning your induction hob doesn’t need to be a difficult task, and be done by following the steps below.

1)      Remove all loose food and any crumbs which may be covering the surface; this will make it easier to provide the surface with a thorough clean.

2)      With all food and crumbs removed, apply warm soapy water to the hob using a soft cloth and wipe the area. It’s also a good idea to use a degreaser if possible.

3)      Rinse the hob using clean water, before drying with a soft cloth. To achieve an extra shine, apply some white vinegar.

Electronic Hob:

When it comes to cleaning an electric hob, you may think you need to be delicate. But electric hobs can withstand some rough treatment, making them easier to clean than their ceramic counterparts.

If the hotplates can be removed from the hob, this will make the cleaning of the appliance even easier. But don’t worry if they cannot be, as they’re still fairly easy to clean, by following the steps below.

1)      Apply a specially designed cleaning product, such as the Homecare Hob Brite Spray or Easy-Do Ceramic & Halogen Hob Power Cleaner as per the instructions, and allow this to soak in.

2)      Use a suitable cloth to scrub the hob as required, and if you need to remove stubborn stains do not be afraid to use a brillo-pad – although stop if scratches occur.

3)      Rinse using clean water.

Following the advice above will ensure whatever cooker hob you have, you’ll be able to keep it sparkling clean, scratch free and working to its full potential for longer.

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