Get your kitchen Christmas ready

Mince pies on table

It’s safe to say the kitchen is the focal point of a home at Christmas. After all it’s where the main meal is prepared! To make things run smoothly it’s a good idea to have a tidy up of the kitchen before Christmas, especially if lack of space is an issue. Take a look at these tips to get your kitchen prepared. It’s all hands on deck!

(1) Take a look at what you can put away that isn’t necessary and if there are appliances you won’t be using, move them off worktops to create more space. Try and assess where you will be putting food for preparation and how much space cookware and utensils will take up.

(2) Spruce up your cooker and oven so it will be working at its best and make sure your extractor fan is working properly. If grease filters look a bit grimy, clean or replace depending on your cooker make and model. If you have a self-clean oven always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Cleaning the oven

(3)  Take out items you know you will definitely need closer to Christmas such as cutlery, crockery, extra glasses, utensils and cookware. If they have been stored away give them a wash so they are ready to use when needed. Don’t forget the extra chairs!

(4) Do an inventory of items you don’t know are finished until you go to use them. Such as foil, baking paper, freezer bags and foods such as spices and baking ingredients and make adequate space in cupboards.

(5) So you don’t feel stressed out about the main meal you could create a cooking schedule to help you get organised. As food preparation can be time consuming think about what can be prepared and stored beforehand such as vegetables.

Diced potatoes on a wooden chopping board

(6) Check your fridge and freezer and if needed make space for all the extra food you are going to store. This most likely involves eating the food you already have so try and plan ahead with meals. To keep food fresh you could buy an odour neutraliser for the fridge and an extra shelf for more storage space. Take a look at all our fridge/ freezer spares.

(7) If you have a dishwasher it will probably be used quite a bit over the Christmas period as no one really wants to do the dishes! Do a maintenance check to make sure it’s in good working order and if you need to descale, deodorise or find a spare part for it, check our dishwasher spares.

(8) It is also a good idea to give your microwave a clean if food spillages and grease have got it looking the worse for wear, as there is a high probability it will be used to heat up all those leftovers for the days after Christmas! If you have problems with your turntable or need another grill rack see our microwave spares.

(9) After tidying and cleaning your kitchen and appliances you could get your kitchen looking festive with some decorations and ornaments. However if you’re not a fan of decorations where you do the cooking, you could put some festive music or a scented candle on instead!

Christmas dinner table

(10) Finally if you invested in Christmas themed tea towels, aprons, napkins, etc, be sure to take them out, being as it’s the only time of year to use them!

For some inspiration on how to get your home smelling festive with DIY decorations, take a look at our post on Ideas to Make Your Home Smell Christmassy.

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