How To Clean Up After Your Jubilee Party

So, for most of us the Jubilee parties are over. What a time to remember! A heart felt four day weekend filled with joy and celebrations. It was fantastic to see so much red white and blue! Hopefully, for the majority of us, things ran smoothly and went according to plan for a weekend to be enjoyed by all. Some of us have had sheltered barbeques, some of us threw street parties, and now, unfortunately, there’s the daunting task of cleaning up after this joyous occasion. Where to start? The kitchen perhaps? Here are a few pointers to help you keep calm and carry on.

  1. Start by gathering necessary cleaning products. At BuySpares we sell a variety of cleaning kits for your kitchen to help you along your way.
  2. Get a bin bag and collect all the items that can be recycled such as plastic cups.
  3. Then, with another bin bag, clean up all the general waste. Don’t forget, leftover cakes can be frozen (or eaten).
  4. Then it’s time to get cleaning! If you were baking lots of savories and cakes, you’re probably going to need to clean your oven. Remember, if you clean your oven as regularly as you can, this will save the nightmare that a lot of us experience of the big dreaded oven clean. We sell high quality cooker and oven cleaner.
  5. Another point of focus should be your fridge and freezer.  Our advice centre has some really useful tips on how to maintain these appliances, such as how to spot common fridge and freezer faults.
  6. After all this effort, it only seems right that you get your floor to a sparkling standard.  Always do this last to avoid any unnecessary footprints.

Happy cleaning!

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