How to Change Your Cooker Hinge

Cooker DoorIn the our “customer questions” series we’ve looked at how to change a vacuum drive belt. In our second post, we answer how to change a cooker hinge.

Now a faulty cooker hinge may not seem like a fault you’re likely to experience, but such a fault will not only prevent your cooker door from closing correctly, which in-turn results in heat escaping from the appliance – hindering your cooking.

The hinges on your cooker door can become worn and damaged both through everyday wear and tear, and by over-extending the cooker door, even just once.

Thankfully, replacing the hinges, with the right knowledge and guidance, should be a relatively straightforward DIY task. And to provide you with the knowledge you’ll require, below we’ve provided a brief step-by-step guide.

NB: it is advisable before carrying out any work on appliances, to ensure that they are unplugged from the mains electricity.

Step 1: Push the little catch, underneath the larger lever, upwards on both sides to connect the two levers and enabling you to pull the door free from the cooker.

Step 2: With the door free from the cooker, place it on a flat surface before removing the screws around the door. This will enable you to separate the two parts of the door and provide you with access to the hinges.

Step 3: Simply lift the existing hinges out of the door. Before putting the new hinges in place, it’s a good idea to give your cooker door a thorough clean with a dedicated cooker cleaner, during this stage.

Step 4: Put the new hinges in place, line up the top of the door before screwing it back into place. Once the door has been screwed together, cock back the hinge onto the latch. This may require some force as they are likely to be stiff. It is recommended to use a folded up tea-towel to protect your hands.

Step 5: With the hinge attached to the latch, you can fit the door back onto the cooker. You’ll notice when lining the door up to the frame that the latch has a small notch in it, make sure this rests on the frame so your door is in the correct position.

Door in position, make sure it is wide open before unhooking the latches; this will then allow the door to close correctly.

To watch how to change a cooker hinge in real time, visit our “How to Replace Oven Door Hinges” video below.

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