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Kenwood Chef AttachmentsIf you own a Kenwood Chef then you will already be familiar with just how versatile a machine it is. Attachments are a great way of getting even more from your Kenwood Chef and in this post we look what attachments are available and how they can benefit you in your kitchen pursuits.

The Kenwood Chef is a kitchen institution with an enviable reputation for quality and reliability. With the help of attachments you can use your Kenwood for everything from making different types of pasta to mincing meat and shredding, slicing and peeling.

There are a large number of Kenwood Chef Attachments to choose from as well as replacement items like whisks and K-beaters. A few of our favourite attachments for your machine are described in a bit more detail below:

Kenwood Roto Food CutterVegetable Prep Made Easy

The AT948 Roto Food Cutter is the ideal for preparing a large number of vegetables and other core culinary ingredients as it shreds and slices. There is a selection of grates to cover off everything from thick and thin slicing to coarse or fine shredding. The Roto Food Cutter comes into its own when it is used on vegetables, salads, cheeses, chocolate and nuts.

Pasta Maker KenwoodHomemade Pasta, Perfect Every Time!

The AT910 pasta attachment lets you use your Kenwood Chef to prepare fresh pasta of all shapes, sizes and styles. This isn’t the only pasta attachment for the Chef and others include attachments for creating your own spaghetti, tagliatelle and trenette. If you want to enjoy that authentic Italian taste at home, then a Kenwood Chef attachment is a great place to start.

Kenwood LiquidiserThe Key to Continuous Juicing

The AT641 attachment enables you to make super tasty drinks and juices from non-citrus fruits. There are no other appliances available that can tackle this process as easily and before you know it you will be creating great tasting and refreshing treats from pineapples, apples, kiwi, tomatoes and carrots. You don’t even need to peel or prepare the fruit and vegetables before use as the Non-Stop Centrifugal Juicer operates at high speed, separating the juice from the pulp.

Let us know if you have tried any of these attachments mentioned above or any other Kenwood attachments.

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